Ashlee Simpson One Of Teen People’s Artists Of The Year

Teen People is recognizing as one of the Artists of the Year as part of its December/January issue, which hits stands November 5th. A special tribute to Ashlee, written by celebrity fan Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, is included in the issue.

Whaddya Want, Actual Talent?

The Virginian-Pilot’s editorial today focuses on Ashlee Simpson’s lip-synching debacle on ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend. “The 20-year-old Simpson brought all this on herself, by trying to up her alternative-rock credibility by insisting she would never lip-synch, a strange claim for somebody who had a backing track all ready to go,” the editorial staff wrote. “Still, we’re surprised by the betrayed outcry that all this has generated, not to mention the media attention. Simpson is, after all, a product every bit as manufactured as the CDs she was built to sell. When a star rises based on nothing more than packaging, should we really be surprised when the package turns out to be empty?”

Ashlee Simpson’s Dad Says Her Credibility Intact

Reuters reports that Ashlee Simpson’s father Joe Simpson spoke at Billboard magazine’s What Teens Want conference in Los Angeles, where he addressed questions about the ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synch fiasco over the weekend. “I was definitely surprised by (the reaction) because she didn’t expose a boob, she wasn’t doing drugs, she isn’t anorexic and she didn’t get married in Vegas,” Joe said. He added, “I don’t think this will hurt her credibility with kids; they won’t care.”

Acid Reflux Medication Makers Love Ashlee Simpson’s Publicity

Jeannette Walls of spoke with makes marketers of acid reflux medications Nexium and Prevacid after blamed her ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synching on having the disease. “Somebody of her high profile helps raise the profile of the disease,” David Albaugh of AstraZeneca – makers of Nexium said. “Obviously, it’s good to have improved and increased awareness of acid reflux.”

Cancels Utah Concert

Ashlee Simpson was set to perform at Granger High school in Utah for a Rock, Vote, and Win national contest, but 97.1 ZHT, the local hosts of the contest, say Ashlee is not performing because something is wrong with her voice.

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4 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson One Of Teen People’s Artists Of The Year

  1. RPL10991 says:

    A ho that can’t sing worth a sh**, embarrassed herself in front of millions, and got a record deal because of her last name. Real deserving……………not.

  2. deesine says:

    Everyone do yourself a favor, instead of buying any of her music, purchase an album from an actual artist; you know, someone who can sing and write a song (and hopefully isn’t a pathological liar).

  3. trongtn2002 says:

    Now once they run that excuse into the ground, they’ll come up with something else. Maybe she has diarrhea or gas or she can’t sing because she had to suck off her label execs to keep her contract.

  4. OohSexxy says:

    LOL she needs to cancel all her shows, I never thought she could sing and I don’t know why people bought her album. That SNL performance was horrible and she looked like a doofus dancing.

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