Ashlee Simpson Performs ‘La La’ On ‘Top Of The Pops’

performed her latest single ‘La La’ on BBC’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ which aired on Friday (January 7). Watch a clip from her performance at YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson Performs ‘La La’ On ‘Top Of The Pops’

  1. pilgrim_pete says:

    she sung live at least..

  2. pdisfullofstupidppl says:

    you say it like that’s something to be glad about?’, ‘after her performance, I’d rather her fake it.

    most likely she was booed. I didn’t watch though. but I booed anyway. because I already know she sucks, I don’t need to see it to prove it. I’m not stupid like her fans, those self mutilaters!

  3. DroppedBurger says:

    God even the fu**ed up teeth British know she sucks and they have terrible music on the charts.

  4. Diamond_Queen_Japonica_8 says:

    I’ve always wondered what Ashlee Simpson meant when she sings “You make me wanna lala”…..whatever it is, I’m sure it has nothing to do with prancing around singing “lala”

  5. alm81 says:

    Oh I’ve got a pretty good idea what it means…..LOL

  6. pdisfullofstupidppl says:

    too bad the idea of “lalaing” with her makes it so guys can never lala again.’, ‘she makes boy impotent! who’d want to lala with her and have to look at that ugly mug and hear her moan in that god awful voice?

    correction: who COULD lala with her, except joe. it’d turn every other guy off so bad they couldn’t get it up to do it. ever again.

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