Ashlee Simpson To Become Gwen Stefani II

‘The Insider’ gossip correspondent Marc Malkin has news on Jessica Simpson, and Ashlee Simpson. Malkin hears that Ashlee is going back into the studio to record a new single for a re-release of her current album, ‘I Am Me’. Interscope Records honcho Jimmy Iovine wants Ashlee to become the next Gwen Stefani. “He has given her what he thinks is a sure pop hit,” a source explained. “It’s the first song she’s recorded that she didn’t write.” The source added that Simpson is lucky that Stefani is pregnant. “Gwen isn’t about to do anything right now, so Jimmy can work on Ashlee,” the insider said. “The album has done okay, but he wants to add this single to really have it take off.”

Assures Ashlee She Won’t Steal Her Boyfriend

NW magazine reports that is worried her newly single sister Jessica will steal her guitarist boyfriend Braxton Olita. “Braxton and Jessica used to joke and have fun together,” a source said. “But she was married to Nick then, so it was hands off.” But a source added that Jessica has reassured Ashlee that “she had nothing to worry about.”

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3 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson To Become Gwen Stefani II

  1. Lava33 says:

    Well, Ashlee will never be Gwen. Ashlee comes across as a hyper little 13 year old (yes I know shes 21) who tries too hard to be “cool”. And Gwen has what I would describe as a “baby” voice. They have two totally different styles.

  2. galleta says:

    Ashlee doesn’t write her songs, she has ideas for songs and someone else writes them. But it’s possible for her to take Gwen’s place the manufacturing machine behind them both is well oiled and since Gwen is out for a while the space is open.

  3. Ses says:

    I do love Ashlee’s songs ‘Boyfriend’ & ‘L.O.V.E.’ They are very unique & very catchy tunes… I hope Ashlee Succeeds because she’s one of my favorite artists today…I’ll certainly purchase the Re-releases edition of her album.

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