Ashlee Simpson’s Allure Photo Shoot

What happened the day of Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance? The singer took part in an Allure photo shoot in New York City with her mother Tina. The segment from ‘The Show’ has since been removed from

Ashlee Simpson: I’m Learning, Growing & Taking Singing Lessons

Us Weekly caught up with and asked the singer if she was surprised at all the criticism she’s received since the ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synching fiasco and the Orange Bowl halftime show booing. “It’s like people are after me! The thing is, I’ve only been performing for a short time,” Ashlee explained. “I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be perfect. But I’m learning – every time I perform, I’m growing. And I’m taking voice lessons. I am still very young, very new to this business. But one day I’m going to be exactly what I hope to be.” Ashlee added, “To my fans: Thank you for sticking by me. To my critics: Please pick on somebody else!”

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One thought on “Ashlee Simpson’s Allure Photo Shoot

  1. disisme_2004 says:

    I actually watched that for the first time last night. Her mom couldn’t seem to go five minutes without mentioning Jessica’s Allure shoot.

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