Ashlee’s Ex Assistant Insists Jessica & CaCee Are Still Best Friends

Stephanie McGuire, Ashlee Simpson’s ex-assistant and friend of sent a message to Jessica’s top fan site,, insisting Jessica and her former assistant CaCee Cobb are still close friends.

“I sometimes just wish that all the talk about her and the decisions made around her would be kept private but she doesn’t get that luxury I guess,” McGuire writes. “I would just like to say that Jess and CaCee are still best friends, but at some point in an assistant’s career, you reach the furthest you can go with your client… sometimes it takes a year, sometimes it takes several, but Jess supports her 110% – AND THAT’S A FACT. Everyone can just calm down now and get back to whatever they were talking about before this story ‘broke’, because there weren’t any friendships harmed in the process, if anything, theirs will be even stronger… Believe, me, Ash and I did this almost a year ago and she has another assistant (who is awesome, and so perfect for her) and I have a new artist I’m working for that suits me very well.”

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One thought on “Ashlee’s Ex Assistant Insists Jessica & CaCee Are Still Best Friends

  1. Hunglo says:

    I wonder what Ashlee’s best friend’s other brother… of her hair dresser’s last boyfriend’s gay account’s lover who has a friend in China thinks?

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