Ashley Parker Angel Sings National Anthem At The Mets Game

Former star checked in with his MySpace (@ashleyparkerangel) friends on Saturday (May 24) with the following bulletin:

What’s up everybody! APA here, just wanted to let you know I’ve officially posted another webisode for you all to check out! I sang the national anthem at Shea Stadium a couple weeks ago and I brought my camera along to document the experience. It was a lot of fun…anyways, come check it out! And coming soon, FINALLY the backstage tour of Hairspray which I’ve been waiting to get permission from the producers to film. They’re very strict about letting camera’s backstage, so its not very often you will see something like this! We just got the green light so we’ll have it up in the next couple weeks!! And just in time too because I’m finishing up my run in the show this summer and then I’m headed back to Los Angeles! Got a couple projects in the works that you will be hearing about FIRST here on MySpace. Much Love… PEACE-

The episode at MySpace has since been removed.

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