Ashley Tisdale ‘Aliens In The Attic’ Trailer

The trailer to ’s new movie ‘Aliens in the Attic’ has been posted online. The 23-year-old plays the role of Bethany Pearson in the film about a family whose vacation home in Maine is occupied with a friendly alien, but his friends are not so pleasant. The movie hits theaters July 31st. Watch the trailer below.

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One thought on “Ashley Tisdale ‘Aliens In The Attic’ Trailer

  1. aliens in the attic says:

    A group of children attempt to defend their Maine vacation home from invading extraterrestrial forces as the malevolent aliens make their way from the upper floor of the house to the ground level. High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale stars in the 20th Century Fox production, with Tim Meadows, Kevin Nealon, and Gillian Vigman filling out the cast.

    Official Website:

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