Ashley Tisdale Behaves Like Teenybopper After Meeting Jessica Simpson

Ashley Tisdale gets to meet her idol Jessica Simpson and goes crazy about the experience got a big surprise when she was driven to a surprise meeting with one of her favorite artists, Jessica Simpson, who was filming ‘Blonde Ambition’ at the time.

“No way. No joke. I might pass out,” Ashley said. “I don’t know what to say. Oh my gosh, shut up! I feel like a Make A Wish child. People are looking at me really weird.”

After meeting Simpson, Ashley enthused, “Oh my god, she came over and hugged me and she was talking to me and it was the coolest thing ever in the entire world. I literally like was almost I just could not talk. Daisy was there. Daisy hung out with Blondie. Oh my god, they’re best friends. I’m so exited! She totally knows who I am because she was like someone that she knows was like, ‘She thinks you talk so highly of her in all her interviews.’ I’m like oh my god, she reads my stuff. It’s so cool. Oh my god it’s the coolest thing in the whole world I have to tell you.”

Watch the clip, posted Monday (May 14), below.

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