Ashley Tisdale Does ‘Scary Movie 5’ Themed Twitter Q&A

Ashley Tisdale in the living room

did a ‘Scary Movie 5’ themed Q&A with her Twitter followers (@ashleytisdale). Among the questions for the 27-year-old, who stars as “Jody Sanders” in the film with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, were:

Looove doing comedy :) RT @Maggh_ just with the trailer I laughed, you didn’t have problems filming? Comedy must be hard, xoxo #scarymovie5

Everyone was soo great 2 wrk w/! RT @connorstroup who did you enjoy working with the most in Scary Movie 5 #ScaryMovie5

Thank you!! I’m feelin it for sure RT @krizthiantizzie Love your new hair color, you look BEAUTIFUL #ScaryMovie5

Chocolate, what’s yours? RT @aboutdemilovato #scarymovie5 What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I love you!!

Who says I stopped? ;) RT @fckstizz do you miss singing? #scarymovie5 love you xo

Big fan of ‘Heart Attack’! RT @whydemi favorite Demi’s song? #scarymovie5

Love it! Pizza is my fave :) RT @martina_1D do you like Italian food? #ScaryMovie5

Everyone was great! :) RT @imthevideogurl how’s it like working with Charlie and Lindsay? Are they crazy and funny as it seems? #ScaryMovie5

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