Ashley Tisdale Lets Down Her Fans While Filming In Quebec

‘High School Musical 2’ star is filming her new movie ‘Picture This’ in Hampstead, Quebec, and “Robyn” of has pictures and the not so flattering details. “She really didn’t care about her fans,” writes. “The first time I saw her she sat in front of the house getting her hair done. I assumed she would come over just to sign an autograph! NO! She barely glanced at all the teenyboppers. The only time she looked up from her precious Blackberry was when the kids screamed at the top of their lungs! What did she do? Give them a half ass wave! I dismissed her behavior and I thought she would sign an autograph or at least say hi to some of the kids when she was leaving. Picture this… About 15 kids that have been waiting hours and its time for her to come out. Well, she doesn’t even bother to walk to her car! She ran through the garage and jumped in the side of a car before any could see her! I thought some of the kids were going to start crying! One parent started screaming!” Check out part 1 and part 2.

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