Ashley Tisdale On Boys Like Girls Video Cameo, ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Ashley Tisdale talks about horseback riding, monkeys and being in the Boys Like Girls music video during an interview visited ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung’ in New York City on Tuesday (July 28) as Alexa’s first repeat guest, talking about horseback riding, being fearful of monkeys, starring in the new Boys Like Girls music video, her new movie ‘Aliens In The Attic’, and her new album ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

On trying something new since her last appearance, Tisdale said, “I used to horseback ride, but I just did ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ in Missouri and I got back on the horse. It’s been a long time. I think I was ten when I was horseback riding. I was so nervous, and the horse was kind of spooked by all of the trailers and everything out there, so I was just like let’s go over (away).”

Asked about her starring role in the Boys Like Girls ‘Love Drunk’ video, she said, “I always liked Boys Like Girls, and I was on a radio show and I saw Martin on a picture on Kidd Kraddick, and I was like oh my god, I love Boys Like Girls and he gave Martin my number, and we started texting and he was like hey, do you want to be in the video? I was like yeah, for sure.”

On filming ‘Aliens in the Attic’, she said, “It was a lot of It was different because there was a lot of CGI and I never had done anything like that, so it was cool. It was challenging. It was a big action comedy. We had Kevin Nealon and we couldn’t keep a straight face the entire time.”

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