Ashley Tisdale Was There For Miley Cyrus When Her “Pappy” Died

Miley Cyrus with dark hair

shared a touching moment about the 2006 death of her grandfather Ron Cyrus with fellow Disney star on her Twitter on Sunday (July 26). The 16-year-old writes:

Just passed a Golden Corral. That’s where I ate with my pappy for the last time. Nothing better than all you can eat ham and a loving pappy.

@ashleytisdale I was just thinking about the day my pappy died. You were the only one who was there for me. I love you so much :)

Prompting the ‘Aliens in the Attic’ star to respond on her Twitter (@ashleytisdale):

@mileycyrus awww babe, I remember that day 2. I will always be here for you, no matter what

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4 thoughts on “Ashley Tisdale Was There For Miley Cyrus When Her “Pappy” Died

  1. Required) says:

    Aw I Feel For Ya Miles! :))!** && I hope to see ya someday!

  2. jj99 says:

    I absolutely worship these two girls, and I absolutely love the fact they look out for each other. They really are BFFs. I hope they stay together as friends forever

  3. kelly brown x says:

    her daddy never died :/ .. <3

  4. Evie williamson says:

    hey Miley do you still get on this website? I know I’m a lil late but I’m sorry your pappy died I really wanna see you someday maybe when I become a model I’ll run into you I hope anyway so I just wanted to say I love you and that I’ll always be a really big fan of yours I promise you that!
    love you smiley Miley lol! talk to you soon hopefully

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