Ashlyne Huff Having More Fun Each Night Touring With Jordin Sparks

updated fans while on the Battlefield Tour with and Days Difference. The Los Angeles pop singer wrote on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Sunday (July 4):

Well, the tour continues to be an amazing experience for me! One of my favorite things about touring in general is the fact that I get to visit so many new places! For instance, we played in Reno, NV last night and it was so cool! The closest I’d ever been to Reno was watching Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg!

Anyway, that schedule I was talking about getting into is in full force now! Wal-mart in-store in the morning, shop at Wal-mart (I do literally every day), soundcheck, show, meet n’ greet! I’ve got it down to an art! :) The shows keep getting better and better, and I am having more fun each night! Jordin is still the sweetest girl alive, and has taken me in as a surrogate sister I think!

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