Ashlyne Huff Talks About New Album & Writing Camp

Ashlyne Huff album

posted some behind the scenes footage from the studio and her “Writing Camp” in a “New Music. New Chapter.” YouTube video. The pop singer told her fans at MySpace (@ashlynehuff):

Most of you saw the Live Chat from my week at the Writing Camp, but I just want to reiterate what happened one more time for those of you who didn’t! Evan Bogart (wrote “S.O.S” and “Halo” and so many more hits) and his team of eight other writers met every day for a week at a studio in Los Angeles to write for this upcoming album. There were three rooms, so everyone split up and kept moving from room to room each day so that we had different combinations of writers. At the end of the week, we had a lot of amazing songs to choose from! I had the best time not only writing but getting to know these people. If you couldn’t tell from our Live Chat, we definitely have a good time–but we get our work done, too. :) You’ll see what I’m talking about when you get the album!

Watch the clip below.

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