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asked fans on her blog at MySpace (@kerlimusic) to ask her anything, dozens have and she’s answered most. Responding to one fan to asked if people have ever tried to influence her to change her style of music, the Estonian pop singer responded:

Have they?


Of course. Music industry is a hard industry to deal with, especially if your goal is not to make a lot of money but to just create from the purest, most honest place. But then at the same time, you would be silly not to use every possible way to get your music to people so…

Big labels don’t wanna take any risks and putting out this first album took me about 7 years. I wasn’t ready to put out anything for the most of it but I’ve definitely fought my fights to sound the way I do. And still, I feel like I could create such intense fairytale themes that the radio would refuse to play. It will all come. Right now I just wanna use all the ways possible to reach as many people as possible and if that means not making ambient music under this label, than that’s ok.

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