Atomic Kitten’s Lil Reveals Naughty Side

Contributed anonymously:

Popworld Magazine talked to from about her naughty side and she came clean about trashing her hotel room and making prank phone calls on her bandmates. “Once, I managed to scare Tash senseless by hiding behind a table during a rehearsal, ringing her on her mobile and going, ‘Natashaaaaa! I’m going to get you!'” She demonstrates in a gravely Scream voice. “She was going, ‘Oh, please stop calling me!’ and getting really freaked out, but then I stood up laughing with the phone in my hand and she just went ‘*****!’ Well, I trashed my hotel room once…” Result! “…but then tidied it up again afterwards.” Eh? That’s not right, surely! “Well, I was in a bit of a mood at the time,” she explains. “We were in Thailand, we’d been away for a month and we still had two weeks to go. I was missing home, I was ill, and I just went for it. I tore things off the wall, threw the telly on the floor and turned the bed upside down. But I thought I’d get into loads of trouble so I put everything back again!”

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