Audio Clips From Jessica Simpson’s Unreleased Gospel Album

BigFanOfJess, a moderator on Jessica Simpson’s official site’s message board posted three clips, since removed, from Jessica’s unreleased gospel album that folded. Included are portions from ‘Here and Now’, ‘Part of the Plan’, and ‘Feed the Fire’. Unfortunately the entire album will never be released according to the moderator.

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7 thoughts on “Audio Clips From Jessica Simpson’s Unreleased Gospel Album

  1. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    That’s great, I love “I Can I Will” that’s another unreleased track, its not gospel though. Maybe her old label will release her old material like they did with Christina’s “just be free”?!

  2. curlysue says:

    Wow, from gospel music to “I know I meant to say no, but he’s irresistible…deeper than spiritual” in only a few short years. Daddy must be proud.

  3. famefan says:

    I listened to those clips and you want to know something- Jessica sounds NO different. Now that’s something- every one else’s (Britney, Christina, Mariah) voice matured and was refined as they became more experienced and professional but Jessica’s sound exactly the SAME!!!!!

    The answer is- fake nylon hair (extensions), disproportionate measurements (42DDD stacked on top of bird legs with stiletto heels included), phoney smile painted on the face, mobile home (bus – neither of which can accommodate #2!), manufactured boyfriend that comes with various other accessories ( like condos in LA), no underwear, an empty head and neither has matured at all in years-


    The question is Who are Barbie and Jessica Simpson!

    and we all know what happens to Barbie when people get tired of her- she gets tossed into the back of the closet until Mom sucks her hair up in the vacuum and little brothers pop her head off riding over her with a big wheels and finally the 18 year old, toothless, half blind cat pees on her!

    I wonder if Jessica Simpson will still be bragging “If they could see me now” when that happens?

  4. leftofcenter says:

    Have you heard Christina’s just be free album? She sounds the exact same as she does now. And Britney’s voice still hasn’t matured so I don’t know what your talking about.

  5. bluquish says:

    wow! you talk like you know her so much! but the question is do u? who are you to make some false statements about her!? you don’t even know the first thing about being Jessica Simpson…. why do u dislike her so much did she do anything to you? I’m guessing the answer is no! I’m not a big Jess fan but jeez man go easy on her!

  6. famefan says:

    What I know of Jessica is what I comment about – her ever fluctuating image!

    What she did was to all of her fans- she lied about what she represented and stood for because Sony Image Consultants and PR experts told her the “whole good girl, virgin, don’t feel the need to show so much skin(then posed for men’s skin/sex magazines FHM and MAXIM and started wearing vulgar, barely there costumes) or sing about sex(Irresistible -several songs off that album), God sings through me(so it’s God who wants Jessica’s male dancers to grope and fondle her onstage while she sings about throwing yourself away because some guy is ‘irresistible’?), It’s not about how many records I sell or having a number one hit it’s about inspiring people (Then she tells fans she is meeting that her proudest career moment was having IWLYF go to #1[it’s in a post on this site]- and actually THAT TOO IS A LIE because NONE of Jessica Simpson’s song EVER were #1!)” image would sell big time in contrast to Britney and Christina’s in your face sexuality.

    Well, as it turns out, the experts were wrong and good ole Jessica “I’ll be whoever you want me to be”Simpson was obviously very willing and eager to COMPLETELY CHANGE her image so as to try and compete.

    No one knows who the REAL Jessica Simpson is because there have been so many different versions of her used to try and sell her CD’s.

    Why do you people keep telling me to “back off” and some one else said “move on”? Why don’t you “OPEN YOU EYES” and stop being so pathetic and gullible that you FALL for every marketing strategy that record exec’s mastermind – they couldn’t get away with deceiving the public if you weren’t SO easily fooled.

    Try reading Jessica’s interviews and listening to her speak and then watch her actions – if you really believe that someone who bumps and grinds onstage in a leather bra and leather hotpants while being rubbed ALL OVER by her male dancers and considers casual sex with some hot guy who is just irresistible to be “deeper than spiritual” is a “good girl with strong Christian morals and values” maybe you should get a dictionary and look up the REAL definitions of those words and not just BLINDLY ACCEPT the definitions Sony and Jessica and Joe Simpson ASSIGNED to them to make Jessica SEEM like something she is obviously not!

  7. dancinggal says:

    I totally agree with you. NONVERBAL communication which means ANYTHING you do that you don’t speak is a from of communicating. HER actions speak volumes. Posing for men’s magazines that are only one step BELOW full nudity, dressing and showing off as much between the pelvis and breasts JUST like Britney and Christina do, and the way she dances DO speak the REAL truth. WORDS can lie, ACTIONS do not. We won’t even GET in to all the LIES she’s said or the fact that each story she tells has 3 DIFFERENT versions.

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