Austin Mahone ‘Say Somethin’ Video

Austin Mahone flirts with a cute girl in his 'Say Somethin' music video

Austin Mahone is out with the music video to his new single ‘Say Somethin’, the second release from the 16-year-old pop singer’s upcoming debut album on Chase/Universal Republic. The track follows up the San Antonio, native’s Valentine’s Day 2012 release of his debut single ’11:11′.

Among the Tweets sent to Austin about the video:

Selena: @AustinMahone omg my baby you’re getting so big! This was a great music video. I love you so much!

Morgan: Watched @austinmahone’s video when it had like 1,000 views and now it has over 1 million! OMG. Austin #soproud

Komul: OMG I just realized that I have watched Say Somethin video over 30 times it’s just to AMAZING @AustinMahone an if you haven’t watched it do it now

Elaine: @AustinMahone I’m currently watching your Say Somethin video it’s MIND BLOWING!! And so AWESOME!! :)

Watch the Evan Dennis directed video, which has gotten over a million views on YouTube since being released on September 11th, via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Austin Mahone ‘Say Somethin’ Video

  1. vivien says:

    omg his so hot i wanna be ur girlfriend

  2. kathlyn allison janban says:

    You I like Austin Mahone because he’s cute and good some day I want to see you but I’m only 12 years old and I live in Thailand

  3. anghilina pineda says:

    hy,austine am your number one fun in the phillipines i like to see you in person …i have a request to you you have a many supurter an the phillipines you can come in the phillipines can do a concert if you wanna .. im anghilina pineda 13 years old now its my bday now thanks ilove u

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