Ava Leigh Checks In After Celebrating Christmas

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Monday (December 29), talking how time has flew by in 2008. The reggae pop singer tells readers:

I’m currently sat in my living room in Chester watching in concert on TV enjoying the whole chilled out Christmas vibe!

Hasn’t it been lovely, hasn’t it gone quick!!! In fact this whole year has flew by! It feels like a few months ago since I was having Christmas eve drinks with my friends! Man!

It’s been lovely to catch up with friends and get merry, and spend time with family… Had to bring my 2 kittens with me to Chester as they couldn’t stay in Brighton over Crimbo. Unfortunately the other cats in the household do not get on with them and that’s because my kitty’s came into the house ruling the roost and hissing, so they dug their own grave!!! But it’s all good :)

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