Ava Leigh Checks In After Obama Inauguration Celebration Gig

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Wednesday (January 21) after performing at the Barack Obama inauguration celebration at the indigO2 Arena in London on Tuesday. The ‘La La La’ singer tells readers:

Well my throat got a lot better over the weekend, so I was able to perform at the inauguration celebration at the indigO2 on Tuesday, was awesome!

Got to watch the inauguration on the big screen and it was very emotional, and wicked to think that a huge part of the WORLD was watching it!

…There is a lot of people saying things like ‘how the hell is Obama gonna change stuff and fix things…’ well there is no saying he will as of yet, but this is one man who you know is going to TRY HIS BEST to change things. And I really do believe that. Cynics will always be there to criticize people’s moves all the time and to question, but are they the ones who do anything about things? No.

So good luck to Obama :) :)

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