Ava Leigh Gets The Giggles

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) after experiencing a case of the giggles while recording a session for MTV (which should be posted here soon). The British pop/reggae singer tells readers:


So I went to do the MTV Spanking New Sessions yesterday, me, my drummer Elliot and my guitarist Andrew were going to be doing an acoustic session of ‘La la la’ and ‘Rudi skank’… Simple, one would think! Cept, anyone who knows me knows that if someone gets the giggles, then it will immediately get passed on to me…. Thankfully, it wasn’t live, it was being recorded, and we had to do the song bout 2/times each so they could get all the right angles etc…

‘La la la’ went fine, and then it came to ‘Rudi Skank’, and Elliot, who was playing something that resembled a speaker, had to do his “1,2,3.4” hand click again, so they had it in shot, something in that sparked him off, and after his 4th take of doing it without laughing, we then had to all do the song. This time whenever I went to introduce ‘Rudi Skank’ it set me and Elliot off, and then when we overcome that, his click set him off again, and then we did it again, and half way through the song I burst out laughing and couldn’t contain myself, the director looked so darn happy about it! haha. It’s funny, most people would do everything in their power to stop themselves from laughing, but me, im different. My brain was on overdrive seeing the funny side in every lyric, every face in the room, my voice, EVERYTHING!

We got it done in the end, I’m sure there are loads of funny outtakes, and it was a right old larff!!!

I just hope it doesn’t happen live on TV sometime…

Peas xxxx

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