Avenue Perform And Go On The Rides At Thorpe Park

Max George of checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Thursday (August 14). “We’ve just finished our first show at Thorpe Park and it was really good, loads of girls dancing and screaming down the front,” Max writes. “As soon as we got here this morning we went straight on the rides. There’s one called Stealth the goes from 0-80 in about two seconds. There was a guy on a mic who normally does a countdown but instead he said ‘Can Avenue give me a harmony in d minor?’ or something and just as we started the ride just shot off! Andy was absolutely bricking it, he goes on one ride and then has to have half an hour off!! Nemesis was class, that was a real belter. Colossus was proper fast, it goes upside down about ten times so Andy felt a bit dicky, his face went yellow! Me and Jonny sat next to each other and held hands on that one!”

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