Avenue’s Scott Clarke Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

Scott Clarke of checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) after experiencing a scary allergic reaction. Clarke writes:

Well I know Ross mentioned in his last blog about me being rushed to hospital, so I’ll fill you in on that a bit more! I’ve kind of recovered now, they’ve given me some tablets to take three times a day, which are a bit weird. It was all pretty scary, we were on our way from Liverpool to Brighton and I had some random food and all of a sudden my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe! I said to our tour driver, ‘I don’t want to panic you but can you get me to hospital because I can’t breathe’, so he set the sat nav to take us there, but unfortunately it took us to a doctors instead. The doctor said they’d have to call 999, and by then I’d started to panic a bit more and was shaking, so they rushed me into a room and injected me with I don’t know what and put an oxygen mask on me. Then the ambulance crew turned up and the doctor told them I was shutting down, and those words made me panic even more, so they injected me with something else! The lads have never experienced my allergies before, and I don’t know if they were taking it that seriously until they saw me being wheeled out in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank across my lap and a mask on! They were a bit shocked, but I tried making light of it, even though I couldn’t breathe, and they then burst into laughter and started taking pictures! I had to stay in hospital for a few hours which meant we didn’t get to Brighton until about half three in the morning, so apologies to the lads but obviously my health and safety comes first!

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