Avril Lavigne Almost Certain To Strike Gold With ‘Losing Grip’

Avril Lavigne 'Losing Grip' single cover

Jodie Morris of Dotmusic.com reviewed Avril Lavigne’s latest single ‘Losing Grip’, giving it a ranking of 9 out of 10. Morris writes, “She might only be young, and she might only be tiny, but in her relatively brief career, Lavigne has managed to strike a poignant chord with thousands of young music fans – and if she keeps belting out blinders like this, there really could be no limit to her potential.” The entire review at uk.launch.yahoo.com has since been removed.

Tops The Virus Charts

July 4, 2003 – Sophos, a provider of anti-virus products and services for businesses, reports that two viruses were named for Avril Lavigne, making her the virus celebrity of the year so far. The two Avril worms accounted for 5.5% of virus reports. Other celebrities used by virus makers were Catherine Zeta-Jones, Shakira, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sandra Bullock.

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