Avril Lavigne, A True Rock Star?

is featured in a new article in Vogue, commenting on her sudden rise to fame, and the backlash that goes along with it. Avril says, “It’s evil. It’s such a stupid game: the categories and the labels. That’s everything I hate about this. Avril! Skater chick!Punk! Shut up! I don’t want to hear it again. People stick punk on me just because I’m different from what’s out there. That’s not punk.” Avril goes on explaining why she wants to stay in the game: “It’s why we do everything we do -all the traveling and interviews and photo shoots is to be able to get that high onstage. That’s what I love:being on stage, singing.”

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13 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne, A True Rock Star?

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    wasn’t it Avril who was forever insisting that she was PUNK and not POP! SHE is the one who DEMANDED that lable, and now she’s complaining about it. Go back to Canada! I hate it when I see this kind of stuff! You set yourself up for something then ***** when it happens. Too bad for them.

  2. XtinaFan says:

    this girl fu**ing pisses me off. “different from what’s out there” is ONE of the things punk is about, so don’t say that “that’s not punk”. But Avril isn’t punk, because she isn’t anything else that punk is.

  3. dallaz says:

    she has never sayd that she’s punk… she used the word to mean a screwup – not a punk rocker… what she does it rock/pop

  4. foxina says:

    I agree, she is a hypocritical jackass with a below average i.q. and crap music to go along with that. I bet I can make a fortune by wearing ties and way too much eyeliner.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I seem to recall a couple of instances where she would be…’, ‘all correcting the person doing an interview when they’d be all “pop” and she’d jump at them “um, I’m punk”….. That was EARLY on, and for a few months….then she stopped doing it just BAM, out of the blue! It’s not like it went on for THAT long, but I seem to remember her doing that!

  6. breez says:

    1. Avril Lavigne was marketed by her people as punk, and only started saying she WASN’T punk, when she got ragged for it. 2. Avril Lavigne is just as much of a PUPPET as Britney Spears. 3. Her music is pop in it’s truest form. 4. Avril Lavigne is a fake poser i.e I write my songs, The Matrix: oh really? And really, it’s just old now. Everybody sees through it.

  7. ash6969 says:

    Thanks for posting, that is gr8. Of course now the ho-tina and slutney lambs will get annoying because they’re own idols are built on takin’ their clothes off instead of talent. How very pathetic.

  8. Brinn says:

    You know what’s pathetic? That Avril Lavigne is just as much of a puppet as Britney Spears, and you’ve been sucked into her marketing scheme. Avril, talent? She doesn’t write her own songs. Her vocal talent is questionable, although it sh**s all over Britney’s. She can play simple chords on the guitar. All of which are built into her marketing image. And do you know why she doesn’t rely on taking off her clothes? Because her whole image is built on being ANTI Britney. She’s gotten her fans by cashing in on the young girls searching for something “real”. What’s very sad, is that Avril Lavigne is as real as Britney Spears’ breasts.

  9. XtinaFan says:

    fred did hang out with Avril before. real people would never hang out with her. REAL punkers (just to clarify: I’m in no way calling fred punk) would never hang out with her. so fred hung out with her. fred obviously likes her. he likes fake people huh? so if he’s hanging out with Avril Lavigne, he must be just as fake as her. because real and fake people just don’t get along.

  10. breez says:

    Hey XtinaFan’, ‘Yeah, Fred has hung out with Avril before. You are right – Fred is not a punker, nor has he ever claimed to be. I’m referring to public personas. I couldn’t really give two *****s who Fred hangs out with or why, he hung out with Britney, for God’s sake. That’s his misjudgement. I maintain that Fred is not fake. So, long time no see!

  11. inurdreams456 says:

    1) She did not *****ing invent black eyeliner, ties,and striped sox and dickies and chucks and rubber bracelets and spiked jewelry and all that stuff. Tons of other girls wore it before her. She’s not a punk rock girl. If you wanna see a real punk rock girl, check out Brody from The Distillers. 2) I hate how everyone says “you look like avril!” She’s so *****ing plain that any white girl with straight hair that wears black eyeliner looks like her. 3) She doesn’t give credit to her band. She says how much she loves her band and *****, but then, whoop-de-doo, why is she looked at as Avril Lavigne? Why doesn’t “her band” have a name? 4) She sounds like a nasal version of Alanis Morisette crossed with a rat, and I like Alanis. But Avril is trying too hard to sound like her with her “Crying out loud, I’m crying out lou-iy-oud” crap. 5) Her lyrics suck ASS. I mean, “He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?” She tries to make her lyrics all deep and stuff, and a lot of times she’s singing about how she hates it when people are fake, when she’s fake herself! And I mean, am I the only one who finds “I don’t know who you are, but I’m with you” REALLY creepy? I mean, this girl’s gonna get raped or something. 6) She’s a *****. She threw a bucket of ketchup on a guy who was trying to interview her. Because he asked the “wrong questions.” Thats just *****ing rude. Plus, she’s always making fun of well established pop stars that she could never be. Example: “Christina Agui-who? I thought that whore died??” I mean, if she feels that way, great. But guess what? Christina Aguilara has a greater fan following, and she’s gonna have to see her at events and stuff. What’s Christina gonna think of her? What’s everyone gonna think of her? That she’s a spoiled little *****, ’cause she is. She’s just RUDE. 7) People always say, “I’d rather have my young daughter listen to Avril than Britney, because at least Avril wears clothes.” Yeah, well first of all, I’ve seen a few pictures of Avril walking around in a bikini or a sports bra when she claims to NEVER walk around in a bra. Second, you’d rather have your young daughter listen to this girl who is rude and flips people off at photo shoots, trying to make it seem like being “bad” is cool. I mean, she’s not even bad, she’s just a little ***** jerk. So would you rather have your kid wanna wear tight teeshirts, which you can regulate, or go to school spouting off at the mouth about how “Avril is so *****ing cool cause she’s a badass” and flipping the teacher off? 8) She’s constantly contradicting herself. Examples: 1) First, “I’m a skater punk who writes guitar driven rock.” Then, “I never claimed to be punk.” Her excuse: “I meant punk like a trouble maker.” 2) First, when compared to Alanis Morisette, “Alanis Morisette needs to take a shower.” Then, “Yeah Alanis is one of my influences.” There’s more, but I’m too lazy to type them out at the moment. 9) I HATE Sk8er Boi. I hate the way it’s spelled. I hate how dumb the story is. I hate how she stereotypes ballet dancers as preppy *****es. I hate how she calls the guy a punk. What self respecting “punk” would be “rockin’ up MTV”? I hate how the only word she can think of to rhyme with “boi” is none other than “boi.” I hate how in the end it’s “Haha Avril got the guy so now she’ll live happily ever after while the ballerina has to take care of her bastard kid.” I hate how ridiculous it is. I hate how that star that she has all over the ground in the video was something she stole from the Deftones. I hate how in this “Sk8er Boi” video there’s basically no skating going on. 10) I HATE Nobody’s Fool with a passion. It’s so dumb. It’s insulting to rock music and it’s insulting to rap music. In her attempt to rap she simply TALKS over a beat which is *****ty anyways. 11) She treats her fans like *****. She makes fun of them for wanting to be like her and *****, when they always come to her rescue when something is said bad about her. I don’t understand that. ALL AVRIL FANS: GET HELP. YOUR IDOL MAKES FUN OF YOU! IS THAT THE KIND OF PERSON YOU WANT TO WORSHIP?!

  12. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne can label herself as a, “Rock chick”, and ”Skater chick” all she wants because everybody out there should already know that she isn’t any of those.It is so pathetic that all of her fans out there labels her as a, “Skater punk” and her music as, “Rock” because she owns a skateboard and wears Dickies, neck ties, clothes, and shoes from Hot Topic. Avril also likes to wear Converse and Vans sneakers as well. She was supposed to be marketed as a Country music artist who sings and writes Country music before she came into the music industry, but instead she became a Pop music artist who sings and writes Pop music. I don’t like listening to her music at all because Pop isn’t the kind of music that I like listening to. As far as her, “Abbey Dawn” clothing line goes, it looks very similar to all of the accessories, clothes, and she that you can buy at Hot Topic. I don’t find her physically attractive at all, and I never will because she looks like a plastic Barbie doll who dyed her hair and added some green and pink streaks to it. She is a High School dropout who needs to go back and finish High School and learn how to spell, “Sk8er Boi” because the way that she spells it looks so retarded. She is also a terrible role model to all of her fans out there because during her, “Let Go” era, she lets 2 of her band members brush her teeth for her, and then she spits the toothpaste at them and that is so nasty. End of story.

  13. Megan Alderman says:

    Avril Lavigne is a Pop music artist who sings and writes Pop music, even my 4 year-old nephew, Steven knows that.

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