Avril Lavigne Asks: What Does Feminist Mean?

Jenny Eliscu of Rolling Stone magazine chatted with and asked the singer if she considered herself a feminist. “I don’t really know,” the singer, who writes her own lyrics, admitted. “What exactly is that?” After it was explained to her, Avril said, “Musically, girls can rock. Fu** that, who says they can’t? My brother used to be like, ‘You’re a girl. You can’t go hunting or fishing.’ I’d be like, ‘You’re stupid.’ And we’d get into a huge fight.”

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Asks: What Does Feminist Mean?

  1. jimmyp says:

    Well Avril that’s how it is when you come from trailer park Canada. Big surprise she didn’t know what feminist meant and took the question and twisted into something that has nothing to do with being a feminist..Feminist Avril fighting for women’s fishing rights.. Can’t wait for that song.

  2. BsBoy says:

    I really hope this poser-punk trend is over soon. All these losers don’t know what Punk is. Just stick to listening to your watered down crap music.

  3. Zeph says:

    Big deal that people think she is a poser? Is it supposed to be a surprise? The pop scene is full of posers and fakes. The biggest being Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera(with her new fake urban sl*t attitude).

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