Avril Lavigne At ‘Kiss The Summer Goodbye’ Concert

WAKS.com has photos from the ‘Kiss The Summer Goodbye’ concert in Cleveland from Monday (August 26). The show featured Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Mario, Naughty by Nature, and 3LW. They were without Naturi but apparently with the rumored new member Dee Dee (aka Denerica Imes).

The pictures at waks.com have since been removed.

Meanwhile, someone of unknown credibility posting on the official message board is claiming there won’t be a new member. “I spoke with Ms. Nine Lives, and Denerica Imes is not the new member of 3LW and there are no future plans for a new member,” M.J.G. said. “Nine Lives will be working with Denerica on other projects but Adrienne and Kiely will go forward with the ‘Girl Can Mack’ Album.”

Would Rather Sell Music Than Gap

August 24, 2002 – Us Weekly caught up with Avril Lavigne and asked the Canadian singer how she’s coping with her instant fame. “I haven’t been famous long,” she said. “But sometimes I can’t walk around by myself or go out looking like crap. And people want me to do makeup and Gap commercials, and I don’t want to do that stuff. I’d rather sell my music.”

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