Avril Lavigne Blasts Clay Aiken’s ‘Weird Old Church Song’

Avril Lavigne tells Blender magazine her least favorite tune comes courtesy of an ‘American Idol’ runner-up. “I don’t want to be mean, but the song – ‘Invisible’,” Lavigne revealed. “It sounds like a weird old church song or something.”

Snake’s Blood Isn’t On Avril Lavigne’s Menu

August 15, 2004 – The China Post reports that on her first trip in Taiwan while touring in Asia, Avril visited the Huaxi Night Market on Thursday (August 12), where she was shocked by what she saw. “There were cobras … and people drinking snake blood there,” she remarked. During her stay in Taiwan, she would like to try Chinese fried rice, which is common in Chinese restaurants in North America, she said, adding that she is a vegetarian.

Avril Lavigne Loves Laundry

August 11, 2004 – The Sun reports that Avril has admitted she loves doing domestic chores when not on tour. “The weirdest thing is I adore doing the laundry – it’s always the first thing I do when I get home,” she said. “I have got a traditional side.”

Eyes ‘Rent’ Role

July 28, 2004 – There have been rumors that Clay has been screen tested for the role of Mark in the movie version of ‘Rent’. Though Aiken looks like Mark and has a voice as equally perfect, this role would drastically change his image because ‘Rent’ uses profanity and sexual innuendo.

Clay Aiken And Tour Website

July 24, 2004 – With Clay touring with Cherie, a special Buzzalong web page with info on both artists, including a message from the two, and Clay’s new single ‘I Will Carry You’ and Cherie’s ‘Older Than My Years’, has been created.

July 4th Especially Important To Clay Aiken

July 7, 2004 – The 4th of July carried special significance for Clay, since his stepfather Ray Parker, a veteran, died two years ago on July 4th. Meanwhile, Clay’s younger brother Brett, 18, just enlisted in the Marines. “This Fourth of July is special because my dad was in the Air Force and my brother is now in the military,” Aiken told The Associated Press. “It gives a little more meaning to it this year.” Read more.

Clay Aiken Preps For Tour

July 4, 2004 – ‘Entertainment Tonight’ caught up with Clay as he rehearses for his cross-country tour, kicking off July 7th. “It’s a pretty big undertaking,” Clay said. “But I’m excited!” Aiken also discussed plans for a Christmas album and a second album.

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Blasts Clay Aiken’s ‘Weird Old Church Song’

  1. mel_melanie says:

    Haha I kinda agree with Avril…I mean Clay has a good voice..but that song..it’s weird because he’s like “If I was invisible…wait I already am.” Kinda creepy.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    clay’s talent doesn’t even compare to the crap that is Avril. hey Avril… I don’t want to be mean but..your song “happy ending” sounds like pure manufactured pop sh*t you so claim to hate. so please shut up you talentless twit. Clay’s voice is amazing and hers is just…::shudders::

  3. maypillow11 says:

    Then wouldn’t her poser a*s like the song? Being that she sang gospel and country music all her life? She was freaking on a christian album when she was 14. So she is making fun of clay for what?? Singing the same music she did until she was manufactured? Laughable Avril, laughable.

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