Avril Lavigne Calls Britney Spears A Bitch

In the latest edition of NME magazine, Avril talks about the fact that she loves to say the word f*ck, why Good Charlotte couldn’t use an old-aged Avril look-a-like in their ‘Girls and Boys’ video and Britney Spears. When she talks about her DVD, ‘My World’, Avril says: “There was this part where I’m in this private jet and I put the pilot’s headset on. It looked just like the headsets used to use, so I started singing ‘Oops! I Did It Again’. It was hilarious! And then she wouldn’t let me use it… Bitch!” The magazine is out now.

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10 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Calls Britney Spears A Bitch

  1. Hotstar says:

    You’re an idiot…this is just popdirt..it will not be on the DVD so she got her way

  2. hellahooked says:

    I know you are joking cause no one actually thinks Avril has a good voice, duhhh

    what the fu** is this bitch going on about? Britney wouldn’t use what? Her singing ‘Oops I Did It Again’ on her DVD? I think I’ve heard that clip before and fu**, Avril ruined the damn song with her horrible voice. Please Avril, do everyone a favor and leave the music biz… If not, then just fu**ing lip synch, damn.

  3. xtina_rulz says:

    Considering avril’s not got any music to sing along with and that she isn’t that great a singer she doesn’t sound that bad. I mean come on Britney can’t even sing the track live when she has back up vocals and music and one of those mad wee security gaurd earphones in her ear that’s meant to help you sing the song. Avril should get an award for being the first person ever not to lipsynch OIDIA. All the Brit fans criticizing Avril calling her a ***** and everything well at least she sung the god damn song live. You should give her props for that because its more than ur idol ever did

  4. nanda_lo says:

    Well, I don’t think Avril was making fun of Britney. I actually really liked her “version” for Oops!… it’s so funny! Too bad that Britney didn’t let her show it on her DVD but that’s a reason to call her a *****….

  5. Hotstar says:


    IT’S EVEN MORE PATHETIC TO CALL YOURSELF A ROCKER AND NOT KNOW WHO DAVID BOWIE IS!’, ‘ Like that dumbass Avril Lavigne. Like I said let’s see how well her second CD sells, a good debut means almost nothing.

  6. AvrilRocks says:

    and people, don’t come here and diss av because she talks about other celebs.. everybody else does too. remember, Avril has also said that she likes Britney and that she she’s a strong woman, but that she dresses like a whore and sells her body, not her music (Which is true) I don’t get why brit didn’t give her permission, is that gonna fu** with reputation or record sales..no(Britney’s voice alone is doing that already)

    “Oh BABY, BABY!!..” lmao that interview whas f**king awesome. he interviewer is like..so is c— your fave swear word? and she’s gets mortified and is like no, its f**k, hey that should be the heading of this interview: “Avril Lavigne loves to say f**k!” so that’s the heading LOL ROCK ON

  7. weebongo says:

    Britney is back in the top 10 on Billboard this week. ITZ has now sold 1.6 million copies. Her album is already on of the best selling of 2003.

  8. BritneyFantasy says:

    I think Avril is the b**** not Britney. Avril is because she’s the one calling her one and don’t forget the sayin’ : IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE” hmmmm that tells alot. GO BRITNEY YOU ROCK! Avril is just some stupid little teenager compared to you. You outbeat her anyways!

  9. Avril says:


    NOOB xD

  10. Tara says:

    How much you wanna bet Avril Lavigne actually wrote the comment by “Avril”. This is my only theory cause Avril has no fans. I hate Britney spears but at least she has talent. All Avril does is curse and whine into the microphone. She Is a true white trash punk. She’s the real bitch, she’d be the first to tell of someone who turned down the rights for someone to use a lyric of hers

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