Avril Lavigne Can’t Go With Britney Spears

AvrilBandaids.com has the full transcript of Avril Lavigne’s interview with MTV Magazine in which she talks about her new album, current music influences and comments about Britney Spears. “You can’t relate when someone’s like, ‘I’m a slave for you, I want to fu** you,'” she says. “You can’t go, ‘Oh my God, that touches me.’ I saw a picture of Britney pulling her underwear off. I mean, how gross is that? That’s embarrassing to us women. Seriously!”

Lines Up Surprise Tour

March 4, 2004 – According to RollingStone.com, will visit twenty-one malls nationwide to preview songs from her second album, ‘Under My Skin’. Starting today in Minneapolis, Lavigne and co-writer/guitarist Evan Taubenfeld will play sets that feature three songs from Skin — including the first single, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ — along with material from her hit debut, ‘Let Go’. Among Lavigne’s promotional stops is a May 21st appearance in New York City for The Today Show’s summer concert series.

Avril Lavigne’s Louis Vuitton Bag

March 2, 2004 – According to AvrilBandaids.com, a French magazine published an article about Avril Lavigne’s new album and tour. In the interview, Avril says that the accessory no one would ever imagine she carries is her Louis Vuiton bag. “I wanted one because I think it is very cool. It’s an authentic bag, not those fake ones you find in the streets”. The same article says Avril will be playing the drums on her tour to promote her new album ‘Under My Skin’.

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11 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Can’t Go With Britney Spears

  1. venus18 says:

    I’m so punk and I’m so different from Britney and Jessica, look at my new Louis Vuitton. I am sorry, some of her songs are okay, but she is going towards all of things she said are fake and unrealistic. I’ve heard rumors that she might not even write her music.

  2. foxina says:

    After pondering this article for a minute, I have come to the conclusion that Avril is obsessed with Britney. Ladies and Gentlemen Avril is repulsive in every shape, cell, atom, molecule.

  3. ModelMaria69 says:

    She is really insecure.If she wasn’t she would state her opinion in a more decent way and she would only speak for herself.Also if she is bringing Britney up herself that could boarder on to jealousy.

  4. rachel says:

    lol, I agree with Advil for once. I am all about women and power but Slutney’s sexuality is not about female power, it about being submissive to guys. She never talks about how girls should be strong, every time she is talking about pleasing guys, and what guys want. Oh and her excuse is that “I was brought up in the South and women where thought to act this way blah, blah, blah”. Please I grew up in the the South too and I am not like that, so the biatch needs to check herself.

  5. getalifeyall says:

    If people can’t relate to feeling sexual and liking sexy music then they need to grow up. It’s time to act like an adult and adults are sexual. No not ever adult has to be pulling their underwear down and posing for sexy pictures, but if you’re over 18 and you can’t relate to something sexy…that says a lot about you.

  6. milasmine says:

    Again no offense to Britney, she’s ok for me to listen to, but this article is exactly why I buy Avril for my daughter and not Britney. I really respect her feelings and music.

  7. sexypopfan says:

    Who says no one can relate to “I’m a slave for you? I wanna ***** you…” I can relate to that song more often than a song about a skater. And while Britney plays innocent and lipsyncs I would choose her over a ugly little troll like Avril whose only talent lies in posing and acting like a little brat any day…but hey…that’s just me.

  8. LibraGal says:

    Well that’s just Avril’s opinion. But I must say that I disagree with her somewhat. Britney Spears having photographers take pics of her pulling down her panties isn’t a embarrassment to ‘me’, because Britney Spears doesn’t represent who I am as a person. So the embarrassment would fall directly on Britney (imo). But I do agree with her statement about Britney’s lack of intriguing lyrics (I’m going by what I’ve heard from her) then again, I’m not to sure that Britney is supposed to be a celebrity who is supposed to intrigue unless it has to do with publicity stunts.

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    If she don’t like her, fine, but who is she to say that nobody can’t relate to Britney’s songs and that she’s embarrassing to us women? I can’t relate to Britney’s music, and the things she does to get attention and publicity are kind of degrading and just simply tacky, but she isn’t that bad compared to other artists who are more daring and raunchy, and make it seem more real with what they do rather than making it an illusion or something to act out for fun on stage. I don’t see why Avril has to keep bringing up her dislike for Britney, what’s she going to do about it, and what is there to prove that we don’t know already?

    Your right, everything that Britney has already done makes HER look embarrassing, not US. She doesn’t represent every women, and she esp. doesn’t represent me! I think Avril should just chill and stop making a big deal about Britney. There are artists who have done more raunchy and tacky things than just pulling down their panties in a photo shoot (which, to me by the way, is tacky!!)

  10. hotstuff says:

    Britney’s music is straight up dance music. Perfect for clubbing, house parties and Avril bashing her for it isn’t justified. And where exactly in the song Slave does she say “I want to f*** you” You can’t go wrong w/ dance music. 98% of the songs out rite now can b categorized as dance music and the best part about it is that it sees no color. There aren’t any boundaries, 50 Cent, Justin, Britney, Xtina, J.lo, Beyonce etc. Blacks, Caucasians, Asian, Latino artists have great dance music. All these artists music are practically dance. I think Avril’s just pissed because people are noticing her for the poser she really is. She wouldn’t know “rock” or “punk” if it bit her in the ass.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Well some people relate to feeling sexual in different ways, not just from listening to songs that obviously expresses just that. You don’t have to be 18 or older to feel sexual, sexuality is something that’s based on personal emotional terms that come from something more than just listening to a song and feeling it, and you can be almost any age to truly feel that (most of the time it begins in the early teen years). I don’t take Britney’s posing sexy and pulling down her panties and singing songs about touching herself, etc. as being sexy, I see it as being a little desperate and cheesy, especially when she plays all innocent and seems to be uncomfortable when it dampers her reputation a bit or when there’s too much talk and bad press about it. Some people just don’t relate to Britney’s sexuality in her music, does that say a lot about them, of course not!

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