Avril Lavigne: Caught In So Many Lies

Contributed anonymously:

OK. Let me get this over with once and for all. I have Avril Lavigne’s CDs and her DVD. I am an Avril fan, no doubt, I listen to her music and I really loved her. LOVED. Yes, that’s right. Now I abominate and despise her arrogant attitude. She’s just so caught in so many BIG lies! I know so. When her second album hasn’t been released yet, she seemed so down-to-earth and I thought she was all nice and everything. My mom even liked her. She says “this pop star is different from other ones, because she’s simple”. But I guess looks can be deceiving. NOW, fame has totally gotten into her big huge head!

Dissing other pop stars. Especially, Hilary Duff, I’m not siding on her or anything, everyone knows she cant sing and her voice is all animated, I mean why can’t Avril just leave her alone, just like what did to Avril. Britney ignored Avril from saying such and such to her. And Avril is saying Hilary is not in her state to be talking about her like that. What about you Avril, you don’t have the right to talk about Britney. I’m not siding on anyone! I don’t like Britney nor Hilary. It’s just that EVERYONE has to see the point.

Avril is not all that. She’s a liar. I’m going to start judging her. Remember the issue about Avril hating her fans for dressing up like her? Well, it’s true she said it, I’ll be more technical, she TYPED it. It was on her journal at www.avrillavigne.com (it was before Under My Skin was out.) I don’t exactly know the date but I KNOW she posted it up there. I read a magazine talking about Hilary and Avril’s feud and I read Avril’s side saying SHE NEVER SAID THAT. Well, she did. It was on the journal. I was a fan and read her journal avidly. I am positively sure that it said something like “I see more fans starting to dress like me, ” I know for sure it said ” get a life”.

But the day after I read the magazine I looked on the journal and reread the chapter and the line of Avril snapping her fans was gone. I was so shocked. It’s amazingly flabbergasting that Avril LIED. *Sigh* and I thought she was something. Nah. Conflate all the lies Avril has told and you’ll have this balloon bigger than her head.

Avril, you need to come back down to earth. Fame has totally gotten in you. I just needed to let it all out! Man, she’s just like a spider trapped in her own web.

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11 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne: Caught In So Many Lies

  1. sugarberrie says:

    If you think everyone in showbiz tells the truth, you’re seriously kidding yourself. maybe she lied, but people slip up all the time. that’s why stars have publicists and managers and whoever else, to fix up their mistakes so that they’re most appealing to the consumers. besides. girls are catty, you can’t deny that. it’s in our nature at times. BTW, I’m not a big Avril fan. I don’t know if I like her or not still, but in general, celebrities make mistakes and then they have to do damage control to fix their mistakes.

  2. Kgamo says:

    I AM A FRIEND OF AVRIL’S. THIS IS NO LIE. SPEAKING AS A FRIEND SHE IS REALLY SHY!!!!!! Avril hates interviews because at the core she is very shy, she sometimes does not know what to say, she has been burned by friends and the press many times, so it seems that she is dammed is she does dammed if she doesn’t. So try and go easier on her

  3. Smile says:

    I think Avril has been getting better recently when it comes to her attitude. She seems to be more friendly. But I’ve always seen what you’re talking about. She is rude and immature to a lot of people.

  4. allyouwanted says:

    well I don’t know about the journal thing and I don’t have any proof that her label made her up except for the school pictures I saw of her in high school looking like a preppy. and I am still a fan of Avril’s but I agree with I think everything that you said. this article was worthwhile I think- and I like your metaphors. anyways well even though your right she is caught in so many lies and she said her friends don’t accept her now and that’s probably because they know she’s a liar for money and fame. however I am still a fan because I like the music and I like her image even if it may not be even her. I have I think the same thoughts and views mostly as you but I still like her. some people go with the fads and everything but if I like someone it’ll be for a long time- I don’t go with fads and I didn’t particularly like her till the start of this year. sometimes when we don’t want things to be true we don’t believe it because we think it will rid us of our innocence and we don’t want that robbed from us. so I’m trying to see her positives as a confused fan. her music is good but her image is sketchy but who knows how long she’ll be in the industry. as for the journal thing I don’t know if to believe you or not because you are right; there is no proof so I can’t believe you. good article though even if it’s not the first on the same topic. sometimes I never know to talk about the subject or rate the article

  5. Kgamo says:

    The entertainment industry, is very difficult, especially music. As a fan it is so easy to make judgements, because fans have expectations of what the stars are supposed to be. You have to look at what being a star is. Anyone who sells 14 million, or a million albums is talented. The biggest problem is that the label expects the artist to sell the same amount of records every time an album is released. They do not give artists the chance to change, they milk the artist for as much as they can. The labels do not let the artist grow, they make them stay the change. People talk so much about how Avril dresses, and her image. Everyone in high school goes through periods of different styles. If you are from a small town like the one Avril grew up in most of the kids look like cardboard cut-outs. When Avril was 16 she moved to New York to record her album. Being a girl from a small town and going to NYC, you are seeing a different world, Avril chose to dress the way she dresses from the vibe of New York. The label saw the way she looked and decided to market her that way. If you see candid photos of Avril she is always wearing the same style of cloths, Army pants, black pants, black shorts. What you see with Avril’s style is what you get. As far as interviews there is not a single star that really likes doing interviews, the media created the Britney Avril, and Hillary beef. Look at Ashley Simpson she is selling a ton of records, her debut sold more then when under my skin did in the states. You do not see Avril and Ashley starting a beef. Ashley has said awesome things about Avril, and Avril has said awesome things about her sister Jessica. So instead of judging Avril’s style, and what she says in interviews, lets just judge her music. If you love her songs that’s awesome, if not there are many other people to listen to. So forget about image lets just think about words and music, and how those words and music grip you.

  6. not4rockers says:

    I believe this essay very much!!!! Avril, herself is a lie!!!! She is totally fake!!!! She’s nothing compared to Britney so she doesn’t have any right to say something about Brit!!!! Mind your own life Avril!!!!!! ALL THESE TIMES YOU WERE PRETENDING SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING.

  7. blankgirl77 says:

    It is the truth. She lies about everything. She lied about being a skater/rocker. She changed her story 100 times…claiming she USED to be one, then saying she never was one, then saying she was one in high school, then she said she was a prep in high school until she moved to NYC and her label gave her “rock cd’s” to listen to (in order to manufacture her they needed to give her the kind of music they were going to make her sing for influence) and after then she became a “skater”. Only to deny ever saying she was one. She got busted when people saw pics of her up until age 16 after she already left school and was SIGNED to a record deal, with her wearing preppy clothes and singing the Dixie Chicks. I guess it took them a few months to give her an image makeover..and fool people into believing she is this rock chick. She lied about playing guitar and got caught fake playing on several TV/concert appearances (amps unplugged, her fingers above the string, her strumming the same chord lightly without a pic etc)…she lied about writing her own music and her own damn songwriters busted her on that. She basically lies about who she is, what she does, what input she has on her music and her lack of musical ability. It is so funny that she has lied about EVERYTHING under the sun, and her fans STILL think she is truthful. It’s even funnier how every lie she told she got caught in.

  8. maypillow11 says:

    Everyone knows she lies and she is fake. She also blames the media for things she HAS said. She HAS said on tape as “blankgirl” said, a ton of different stories on her “skater image”. I remember on her “sk8er boi” making the video she said she was a skater in high school. And then when people saw pictures of her they knew she lied and she quickly made up a ton of different stories on her “skater image” only to say in a recent radio interview “I never said I was a skater, the media labeled me that”. When I have heard her on TV say she was. She was quoted as saying “I am just a skater punk girl who likes to rock out”…again to say how the media said that not her. She blames all the lies she got caught in on the media to try and cover her a*s. Bottom line is she is a manufactured fake who was never a rock chick skater until months after being signed to a label when they made her image up. They wanted to give her a new image that people have never seen before and they did just that. The “skater punk girl”..which was NEVER her. She is never herself, and always lying.

  9. hilaryfan129 says:

    I completely agree! Avril is a liar and a hypocrite, although I still love her music. Hilary, being sweet as always, apologized for what she said! She didn’t even need to do that , she didn’t do anything wrong except speak the truth. Avril bashes people all the time, but doesn’t think anyone has the right to say anything about her. She’s such a brat, and she even thinks she has a better body than Britney! But I try not to judge artist’s by who they are, but what they’re music sounds like, and vice versa. I’m a huge Hilary fan because she’s a great person and actress, but she lacks in the music area, but she loves doing it, so that’s cool. But I like Avril for her music, not her. It’s hard to find someone who’s not only very talented, but also an amazing person.

  10. Mary says:

    I listen to a lot of different music and respect all kinds of music and the artist themselves. I actually like Both Britney and Avril because they both give a little something different (they can’t all be the same) and I think that Avril needs to mature a little bit and respect Britney for who she is and who she wants to be. Let Britney dress the way that she wants to she has a nice body let her flaunt it, I know I would if I had a nice body. Obviously both Avril & Britney have different styles, and I’m sure that Britney would never dress like Avril ever in a million years. But Avril needs to understand that is what makes them different. Would Avril be happier if everyone dressed like her? Probably not because she has made it very clear that she does not like people dressing like her. Anyways, I just really think that Avril needs to just focus on herself instead of Slamming Britney & Hillary because it also makes her look really bad. Britney is being very mature about it not saying much about Avril.

  11. sara says:

    Okay I know this is 2011 and I just read your comment I used to like Avril but when I heard that I don’t like her anymore either what did you do to your CD and DVD did you throw it away or use it as a target I can’t believe she is still downing on Britney I like Britney Spears I have all her dolls and other stuff I like Hilary Duff to I checked out Avril’s clothing line its lane its for junior and little girls Britney is awesome at least she came back and get healthy for her kids now.i think Avril is just mean spirit and she will never change look she got married and then split because of her partying she is still doing ?

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