Avril Lavigne Caught Smoking In Los Angeles

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and actress best friend Monique Morrison were photographed in Los Angeles leaving a club on Saturday (December 11). Avril managed to balance flipping off the press while not dropping the cigarette attached to her hands.

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11 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Caught Smoking In Los Angeles

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    I like how they say “caught” like she’s not legally able to smoke.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Her eyes are to die for, I hope in the midst of her partying she’s penning the new record. ‘Under My Skin’ is amazing nonetheless, But I want more.

  3. hellahooked says:

    LOL, that explains her voice. And yes Wane, her eyes are nice.

  4. manwithaplan94 says:

    Yes she does have beautiful eyes and her album Under My Skin is awesome. Her Smoking is not a big deal let her smoke!

  5. alm81 says:

    Who gives a crap about Avril. She wants to be the poster child for “bad girl”. What a freaking poser.

  6. p1nky says:

    This would explain why her voice is getting worse. I don’t mean that to attack but her voice used to be amazing live now it sounds good on the record but not so good live. and it wouldn’t kill her to eat something she looks like a bag of bones and she actually has a tattoo of a heart with a d celebrities always think their relationships will last forever and get tattoos.

  7. america says:

    Avril, why have you done this!!!!!!!!!!! Whats going on- be your normal self and don’t get into any trouble.

  8. america says:

    Your still a great artist!!!! Once you smoke you can’t stop- it takes a long time!!!!

  9. jake says:

    This isn’t right she is a good girl I should know because I’m a fan. By the way, Avril you are really pretty. Did I just say that? Well who cares

  10. jake says:

    By the way America you are right.

  11. danni101334 says:

    What’s up Avril you are totally messed up. You are a great singer but seriously you need to be a good person. I agree with Jake, she’s pretty.

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