Avril Lavigne Celebrates Gay Pride Week

Contributed Anonymously: Rolling Stone Spain has published a photo of thisclose from locking lips with a female compatriot – quite fitting considering its Gay Pride Week. They have also dubbed Avril the Thousand Parties Girl” comparing her to the girls of TATU.

In TOTP And Bingo Magazines

June 25, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously: Avril has a hot spread in this months Bingo Magazine. The interview includes some of the most… unique questions Avril has ever been asked including, “When did you last pee your pants?” As a result, Avril’s answers are equally thrilling as she talks about wanting “another three or four” tattoos, her childhood obsession with ponies and pogs, and her eventual plans for parenthood.

Avril Lavigne: People Who Buy Tabloids Are Dumb

June 21, 2005 – Avril spoke with The Calgary Sun about being photographed and videotaped in Los Angeles acting like an out of control alcoholic. “I was out for 10 weeks in Asia, (went) to L.A. for a weekend to meet my girlfriends, went out — and yeah, we had some drinks, yeah — and some paparazzi took some pictures and now everybody thinks I’m an alcoholic,” the singer explained. As for the tabloids which played up the drinking incidents, Lavigne said, “To me, I look at that and my friends look at that and we laugh. All those people who buy those magazines are dumb. Those who buy them and believe them are dumb. One good thing … it makes me look more like a rock star.”

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  1. GOD says:

    where’s the picture then, bitch? stop making sh** up. Pics are everything and your words are just lies.

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