Avril Lavigne Changing?

Contributed anonymously:

Lately I have been noticing that has been changing from selfish, snobbish and rude young girl to a more grown up mature women. When she first came out she dissed all artists such as Hilary Duff, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and many more but recently has said some nice things about Britney she even left a note at Britney’s house which Avril is now her neighbor asking if Britney wanted to come over one night with fiance Kevin Federline for a chat, Also in her new video ‘My Happy Ending’, she’s wearing a skirt and is also walking with 4 other girls.

When she first came out she stated I have hardly any girlfriends and I hate how girls dress all glamorous and that. But since that time where she was seen with Kelly Osbourne on the red carpet with a quite nice outfit, jewelry, stylish makeup and her hair curled (which is a major change since its always straight) she has grown up rapidly and now I think she’s gaining some respect.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not an Avril fan at all I haven’t bought any of her albums mine are burnt copies and I went to her last tour which was I must say pretty stupid but anyway I have just noticed all this change and I’m now respecting her a lot more.

Is Neighbors With Britney Spears

July 21, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: is now officially Britney Spears’ new neighbor. Thats right, the $15 million house that Avril purchased in Beverly Hills 90210 is on the same street as that of Britney and her new fiance Kevin Federline. The house, which is considered a “French masterpiece” sits on 3 acres of land and comes equipped with a $1 million wine cellar, a tennis court, a pool, 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a cinema, and a disco.

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7 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Changing?

  1. muzik_luver says:

    I’ve noticed it too, and I have to say I love the new Avril. Before, I used to not want to like her music, because I can’t stand liking the music if I don’t like or respect the artist as a person, I still like her music but even more so now that she’s been acting better. Now she seems really sweet and nice, and I like it/her a lot.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    What’s up with these essays that have been going on about how Britney is changing, Christina is changing, Avril is changing, etc. etc.? What changes you might see or notice about the celebrity in magazines or on the news or whatever doesn’t mean that they’re changing completely for the worse or completely changing for the bad or completely changing for the better. All celebrities are going to change from time to time, just like people in everyday life. That’s nothing new and it’s not some new revelation that has just come into the light.

  3. secretball555 says:

    If you read Avril interviews she flat out admits she was never a tomboy. The media gave her that label and she wasn’t that. So she didn’t exactly change at all. What are you talking about? She just recently acted like a jerk on trl, interupting damion everytime he spoke and then gave the finger like a 5 year old. And just recently she has been making digs at Hilary duff, and still dislikes her. She was never a “tomboy” to begin with, and you can quote her on that. And now she has become even more of a snotty celebrity buying a 15 million dollar mansion after swearing she wasn’t ‘into the celebrity lifestyle’. Her house costs more than Britney Spears’, Christina Aguilera’s, and Justin Timberlake. And they all have more money than her. So how exactly has she changed? She still lies about everything, she still acts like she writes her own songs, and that she is a rocker. Other than her tie vanishing, she is the same idiot poser.

  4. blankgirl77 says:

    This is dumb. Avril has been caught in so many lies its unreal. A few days ago a read a new interview, a REAL one, with her saying that she was never a skater ever not even in school, and that the media gave her that label and she never was one. She full on said in high school she was preppy and wasn’t a rocker until after she moved to New York, where her label gave her CDs to listen to and she ‘fell in love with them’. Which totally contradicts her other story of being a skater in high school. Also if you have ever read an interview of hers, she is till trying to convince people that she is a rock chick and that she is so ‘real’. I have also heard a radio interview of hers that has her claiming she was never a tomboy and the media gave her that label..so she was always girly. She always wore a lot of makeup, and always said she was a girly girl. Even more so now than before, she is being caught in lies. She is totally saying things that contradict what she has said before. She is going against everything she so called said she wasn’t about. Like I don’t know, making fun of celebrities for buying expensive jewelry, and riding in limos….and then she buys a 15 million dollar home. She is one big liar. All you have to do is read her recent interviews, and you will see how many times she can manage to be a total hypocrite.

  5. hellahooked says:

    I don’t like Avril either but I have noticed her change. I love ‘Don’t Tell Me’ & ‘My Happy Ending’. I still think she sucks singing live and her lyrics are still immature but those songs are pretty cool.

  6. squall says:

    You people are all ridiculous! I don’t understand why it’s such a big thing if young celebrities change. How much have you all changed while growing up? It’s terrible if you have never evolved throughout your life…. it almost makes your life pointless if you have not grown at all. So what if she started singing church and country music. What’s wrong with that? So the music you all like now is exactly what you liked when you were 10? FYI, she played hockey with the guys when she was younger. She was the only girl on an all boys league. Call her a tomboy or call her a regular girl… the point that the media was trying to make was that not many young girls choose to play in an all boys league in one of the fastest sports around: hockey. It’s incredible how so many of you have these little boxes and feel the need to put these celebrities in them. How many of you are one dimensional dolls? Actually, don’t answer that, some of you seem like you are…. but anyway, most of us are quite multi-faceted and have many dimensions to our character. It just shows how ignorant you are to have to label people.

  7. maypillow11 says:

    What exactly is unselfish and not snotty about buying a 15 million dollar mansion? She is selfish in every way. That money could have gone to places instead of a huge Beverly hills mansion. Even big spenders like Christina Aguilera didn’t buy a home that high priced. And she has a NICE home. She is selfish, snotty and a hypocrite. Miss I’m not into money and I laugh at celebrities who buy million dollar necklaces is living in a 15 million dollar home.

    Avril is totally pulling a Britney Spears. She sang the song “Don’t tell me” about abstinence and not having sex because she is a strict christian is now living in her mansion along with Derek from sum 41. Yeah sure they aren’t having sex. Hypocrite. She plays the “I am a christian and I was brought up to not have sex until you’re married” and then she is living/dating/banging with the biggest male slut in the business. Talk about a walking STD.

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