Avril Lavigne Could Never Be Like Britney Spears

The Sunday Mail reports admits she could never take on the pop princess persona popularized by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. “I know that I could never do that because I’m a writer and I like to rock it on stage – not dance around with a bunch of background dancers,” she says, wrinkling her nose at the mention of Spears. “She’s doing her thing and has had success and now I’m going to step up and do my thing.”

Added To MTV VMA Latin America

October 2, 2002 – Avril Lavigne, Cafe Tacuba, and Diego Torres are the latest acts secured to perform at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards Latin America on October 24th at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach.

Unlike Britney Spears, Tries To Avoid The Ordinary

September 22, 2002 – Jan Tuckwood of the Palm Beach Post discussed the ‘poser’ word that had local teens up in arms. Tuckwood cited Avril Lavigne as an example saying, “She’s 17, lovely as a rose but mouthy, more Morissette than Mouseketeer. She’s got a chart-topping CD filled with angst-laden lyrics she wrote, including the No. 1 song Complicated, and right behind that one, Anything but Ordinary, an anthem for the needy nonconformist: ‘Somebody save my life/I’d rather be anything but ordinary, please.'” Then follows the obligatory anti-Britney Spears comparisons.

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ Hits #1 In Home Country

September 18, 2002 – Avril Lavigne’s debut album is finally a #1 hit in Canada. ‘Let Go’ has been among the top five selling albums in Canada for over three months and finally topped the charts, according to data compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. Avril jumped to the #2 spot on the U.S. charts, just behind the Dixie Chicks.

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8 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Could Never Be Like Britney Spears

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Avril is a puppet and a poser. Her image is just created to be “anti- pop”. I refuse to believe that people in these interviews are asking her how she compares herself to Britney because they don’t sound or look anything alike. So why does she keep bringing Britney up? If she was so much the opposite of what Britney is it would be obvious to us–she wouldn’t/shouldn’t have to tell us.

    But of course she does have to tell us, because even though the music sounds different, the principals are the same– People don’t like Britney much any more, so you’ll be the furthest thing from her but marketed just as well and just as hard and be just as obnoxious.

  2. BsBoy says:

    Avril Lavigne who’s your favorite Punk band?
    Avril: Umm…I really love Sum 41 because they are from Canada like me.
    nuff said.

  3. SweetStuff says:

    I think Avril Lavigne has to give it up talking about Britney. She must be jealous cause Britney is way pretty then her. Britney is a great performer. Get over it you hater!

  4. jimmyp says:

    She isn’t even a song writer she’s a co-writer, she uses the same songwriters as Aguilera. Plus she doesn’t play guitar yet gets credit for “rocking” harder than Michelle Branch. And she should stop wrecking guitars in her videos because first off her songs are hardly of any anger and for the fact she doesn’t play guitar. She just likes to put out this image likes she’s some hardcore punk and some people in the media fall for it. She’s an idiot!! X-Tina and Britney are way better than her.

  5. cwaaft says:

    Avril is a poser. She “writes” her songs with professional songwriters. I’m sure the lyrics are hers. I’ve never heard more asinine words to a song.

    She admits she sucks at playing the guitar and skateboarding yet calls herself a skater punk. She will never reach the success of Britney Spears. When she gets up there to selling 9 million records, like “Britney” sold, then she has room to open her mouth.

  6. JustinsEGO says:

    We already know Avril can never be Britney. Britney is way better than her, Avril should stop talking bout Britney, she sounds obsessed, always mentioning her.

  7. Nicks_Chick_4_Life says:

    HAHAHA…Avril never said she was a punker you ass.

    She’s doing her thing, and if u say its punk, then so be it…maybe she doesn’t like the punk music out there right now, have ya ever thought of that?

    So, she likes Sum 41……they are punk/rock…Avril is being categorized as pop/punk/rock

  8. Laura says:

    Avril and Britney are just a like.

    Britney was this sweet, innocent, non smoking, non drinking, little girl in a woman’s body. It lasted for her first album, starting fading by her second and went by her third album.

    Avril claims to be punk, to be a bad ass, not care what anybody thinks of her. The thing is a lot of people aren’t buying it. Most people are though.

    People are growing up and knowing what they are doing.

    I like Britney’s music. Avril’s complicated sometimes gets stuck in my head. I listen to the music. I don’t care who the artist is and what they do.

    Avril claims not to be selling a sex image, but yet she’s still selling the punk image. There’s a backlash on pre-packaged pop.

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