Avril Lavigne Dating Guitarist Jesse Colburn

and her guitarist Jesse Colburn spent a romantic vacation together in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday (October 1). They were photographed grabbing coffee at a local cafe and sitting together on a beach while watching the sun set. These photos confirm the rumors that she and Colburn are dating and are the first pictures of them kissing in public.

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8 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Dating Guitarist Jesse Colburn

  1. anti_avril says:

    I feel so sorry for him to have to date one of the biggest losers in Hollywood.

  2. mslin says:

    She lied, she said there was nothing going one between them, I don’t mind that she’s going out with him, but she could have told the truth, or just not commented when she was asked about her relationship with him.

  3. feeling_beautiful says:

    Big deal. Celebrities don’t have to be open about every little thing they do. So what if she wants a personal life? Get over it.

  4. mattychick says:

    That rocks. I was so right they are dating. I think he is sort of old for her he’s 23 and she is 19. That’s not that much I am happy for her. He is good looking.

  5. Magdalena says:

    I love Avril and I love Jesse ;P I think they should be together forever. Maybe somebody know why they aren’t together and why Jesse left Avril’s band ? In the internet I can’t found information about this… and I’m really interested in this ;P

  6. Alisha says:

    I just hope Avril just marry Jesse than Deryck. I fu**ing hate Deryck. He don’t know how to solve relationship problems!

  7. Alisha says:

    Avril is so cool. Avril and Jesse belong together.

  8. Katy says:

    Jesse and Avril are definitely over lol.
    I thought they were super cute, though.
    Jesse’s been in a relationship with someone since early 2004, but last I heard, he and Avril are still good friends. He even attended a few of her concerts in Toronto.

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