Avril Lavigne Denies Dissing Fans, Bashes Hilary Duff

The Boston Herald reports that in an interview with MIX 98.5 morning guy John Lander airing Wednesday morning, gave her version of how her new feud with came about. Lavigne says after Duff said Avril “needs to have more respect for her fans.” and that Avril had “dissed her fans because they dress like her”, she countered, “I think it’s a compliment that my fans dress like me,. I’m like, ‘Who are you to talk about me? You should know better. Don’t talk trash with me’.” Avril added, “You (Duff) can go screw yourself.”

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14 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Denies Dissing Fans, Bashes Hilary Duff

  1. Smile says:

    If Avril had said that, then Hilary was right. Just because Hilary misunderstood her, doesn’t mean Avril has to be immature about it.

  2. allyouwanted says:

    I think it was better when she had “said’ that. because if you think about it, she teaches everyone to be themselves, and when people dress like her, they’re not being themselves, right? so it’s not really a compliment, it’s actually an insult. how do we know any of them ever even said that? we’ll wait a while for Hilary’s response. she’s good enough to not say anything until someone asks her upfront about it. like about the Lindsay/Aaron deal, she only said stuff after like 2-3 months after it happened. but Hilary should know better, and I think it’s kinda funny that they don’t read a lot about themselves. it shows that they’re busy, a trait I am jealous of. haha! umm, I guess the difference between Hil and Avril is that when Hil hears or reads about herself, she just says “what? I said that? whatever…” and knows she is better than them. and Avril sticks up for herself. I am not saying which is right or wrong, because I do a mixture of both. it’s funny, because Hilary’s big year is 2003, and since she is a rising star, all the stars seem to want to pick a fight with her. Lohan, Branch, and now Lavigne. or is it her? who’s next, Mandy Moore? it’s ironic, as well, that all the artists I like don’t like each other. I like Hilary, Michelle, and Avril, and others, but it’s cool.

  3. foxina says:

    My goodness. Avril is the biggest poser in POP music since Milli Vanilli. She has this HUGE stick up her rectum that needs to be removed fast, please call 911 on this douche bag.

  4. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    More publicity because Avril’s OVER. Her fans are moving on. And it is, like, SO mature to tell a sixteen-year-old to go screw herself. Avril, take your own advice. Oh and ADVIL DID say that. She said it in 2002 I think.

  5. sunflower20 says:

    My god…when is this girl (Avril) ever gonna grow up…ever since she started in the music business she’s been talking trash about other artists and when other artists talk bad about her she gets all pissed, oh, and she also DID SAY that about her fans

  6. popmaster167 says:

    true,her comments are a little immature for someone almost 20 years old,its a little too American High School style talk for me. But then again don’t forget she is talking to someone who should be in High School,Hilary Duff!! I mean come on,if you were having an argument with Hilary you would hardly regard her as intelligent and would hardly treat it as a intelligent dispute,you would insult her using her level of things and the way she insults you.

  7. nothing03 says:

    I wish that Avril would grow up. She’s almost 20; she’s very immature for someone that age. If she were in college like others her age, no one would put up with her brattiness.

  8. Britney4ever says:

    so you Avril!! Who was you to talk about Britney last year?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh yea, you wanted some publicity for ‘Let Go’!

  9. Mary says:

    all sounds like something that would happen in high school, don’t you think?

  10. sara says:

    Avril can go get run over

  11. tryingtofindoutaname says:

    hahahah I love how Avril just totally dismissed Hilary like she was nothing!!!!!!!!

  12. mtg says:

    well sure Avril’s being a little immature but she’s sticking up for herself

  13. mtg says:

    Well sure Avril’s being a bit immature but she’s sticking up for herself, I mean who wouldn’t?

  14. vic hill says:

    well in 2013 i think she had a tour and at the m&g that the people paid 400 for, unknown what currency miss Avril wouldn’t even go near them.then when someone said something on the internet about it and compared another singer who treats her fans like gold to miss Avril treatment of hers. miss Avril blows up.

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