Avril Lavigne Denies Poser Claim

talked to MuchMusic and said that her label didn’t create an image for her. “There are so many rumors out there and some people believe everything they read,” she said. “One rumor is that my label made me up which is bullsh**. I write my own songs.”

Finds Lyrics ‘Complicated’

August 26, 2004 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Avril has vowed to polish up on her lyrics before taking to the stage, after forgetting the words to her hit song ‘Complicated’ during a show. The 19-year-old singer was left so embarrassed by the incident, she now doubts she’ll ever have any trouble remembering the lyrics again. She recalls, “During one of my recent shows, I totally forgot the second verse of Complicated. I looked at Evan (my guitarist), and I said, right in the mic, ‘I forgot the words.’ Everyone started laughing. It was so weird.”

In Rock Magazine Talks With

August 23, 2004 – In Rock magazine of Japan recently caught up with Avril for a Q&A and asked the singer about troubles with Hilary Duff, acting aspirations, Nirvana, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, being part of mtvICON to honor Metallica, and her desire to learn French. Check out a translated transcript at AvrilMidia.com.

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6 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Denies Poser Claim

  1. trluk says:

    What’s with her? Every artist is sorta made up by their record co at the start to get them off the ground. Maybe she started co-writing a little earlier than Britney but that makes her no Mozart.

  2. StephenJohnson says:

    She is not Britney. After all, playing guitar and singing in concert, WHO WANTS TO HEAR THAT. Please; Avril; take a lesson from “The Britney” – lip-sync. Lose your talent. There are plenty of stupid 9 year old girls and gay men to keep your career alive. You are welcome.

  3. Tosh says:

    Not a rumor Avril, an observation: everything she wears, says, and does screams fake. Its not called a rumor when most people over age 13can tell her whole image is foreign to her. Its a tell tale sign when you shove your persona down people’s throats with overkill, to convince them ‘what you’re about’?, how many times do I have to see a photo of her giving the finger. I think she, not the label, came up with the idea of being the first person stupid enough to try to claim ‘originality’ in pop music by using an image that hadn’t been ruined by mainstream yet. The only ones to take her seriously are the ones who don’t know better: note that the one fan that posted could barely write complete sentence…yeah, this is what I do at 5am& can’t sleep.

  4. alexis says:

    Avril Lavigne you r a total poser…u do not understand the meaning of goth punk or emo …ur just acting like a gothic punk because it makes you feel big and bad….. you need to just be yourself which does not contain an ounce of goth punk or emo

  5. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne needs to do the world a really big favor and drop dead because she is one of the most biggest posers in the music industry and of this generation. The day that she becomes a, “Rock chick” or a, “Skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music will be the day when pigs fly because not only that she fakes her way on playing the guitar by playing only a few chords on it, also because she doesn’t know how to ollie and any tricks on a skateboard. Wearing a pair of baggy pants, black high top Converse sneakers, hoodies, leather bracelets, neck ties, studded belts, tank tops, skateboarding sneakers, and vintage T-shirts doesn’t make her a tough chick like she claimed to be because she isn’t. She is also a drama queen who likes to seek for attention by crying in her, “Wish You Were Here” music video and in her, “Goodbye” music video for no reason. She was supposed to pursue on singing Country music and Folk music before she came into the music industry, but she decided to pursue on singing Pop music instead. I don’t find her physically attractive at all, and I never will because she looks like a plastic Barbie doll who always likes to wear a lot of heavy eyeliner and mascara. End of story.

  6. vic hill says:

    everyone is so right. She was to start out as one thing and went another way. She didn’t come on the scene until she was almost 18 and by then her tomboy ways should have been gone. When you look at videos of her at 15 and 16 she wasn’t like what she came out in 2002. Hell she was singing in a video and it sounded like crap. If she was writing her own songs she would have come out much sooner then she did.

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