Avril Lavigne Distinguishes Herself From Britney Spears

Katherine Tulich of the New Zealand Herald spoke with Avril Lavigne who took a shot Britney Spears when she commented, “I could never dance around with a bunch of background dancers because I’m a writer and I like to rock it on stage. She’s doing her thing and has had success and now I’m going to step up and do my thing.” Another thing she won’t do is dress in sexy body revealing outfits like Spears, which she credits to her upbringing. “I think because I was brought up in a Christian home I was kind of careful not to swear in my lyrics,” she explained. “I felt kind of guilty when I’d go to swear because I felt I would be disappointing my parents.”

Avril Lavigne Gets New Bassist

6, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: On backbone, Nettwerk Management has stated:

Posted by: Re: Mark…
Nettwerk Management
6 Sep 2002, 1:19 pm Yes. It’s true that Mark is leaving to pursue other interests. His last day is actually tomorrow (9/7/02).

Charles (or Charlie) has been bought on board for the next chapter in Avril’s evolving storybook world. Charlie hails from Burlington, ON.

Avril and the guys are excited to have him and hope that he’ll work out.

If you meet Charles at an upcoming event/show, please make him feel welcome! :)

Jennifer Gray
Nettwerk Management
Fan Clubs, Director

Avril Lavigne ‘Let Go’ Sales Jump

5, 2002 – Avril Lavigne saw a nice jump in the album sales as ‘Let Go’ sold 150,000 copies, which was 20,000 more than the previous week and good enough to stay in the #3 spot, behind ‘The Eminem Show’ and the new Dixie Chicks album, ‘Home’. BBMak’s new album ‘Into Your Head’ debuted at #25.

Avril Lavigne Really Excited About Second Album

4, 2002 – Suchin Pak of MTV News caught up with Avril Lavigne for a TRL news segment today and asked her if she’s even thinking about her next album. “Oh, yeah. I write all the time,” Avril said. “Writing is how ideal with my feelings and my emotions. It’s, you know, if all this came to an end, I would still write and still, you know sit down on my laptop and record my songs, you know. It’s very important to me. I’ll really excited about the second record.”

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9 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Distinguishes Herself From Britney Spears

  1. Jeannie says:

    She sang gospel, according to that article. That’s about as far from punk as you can get. She is such a poser. There is no way what she does is punk. Plus, she swears all the time. She swears at concerts, and she swore in an interview I read awhile back. She’s so full of it, and herself.

  2. Smile says:

    I’m not making fun of her because she is only talking about Britney. She talks crap about everybody. Other examples would be O-Town and Aaron Carter. And there are a bunch of other people – all of which have been in the music business longer than her.

  3. Zeph says:

    One thing i want to know is. When the f*** did Avril say she was “punk”. And I think Avril is ten times better than Britney. At least Avril has a real talent. Unlike Britney, her only talent is having girls want to be her and guys want to be in her. Britney is nothing but a waste. She should just go live back in Louisiana and let everyone forget about her nightmarish voice and revealing clothes.

  4. Smile says:

    Avril said she was a punk and/or a skater chick. Yes, she has talent, but she isn’t the best singer in the world. The main problem I have with her is her attitude. She just has to talk about everybody. She hasn’t been famous for even a year. She does not have any right to talk about people that have worked a h*ll of a lot longer. If she wants people to respect her, she has to respect other people. It’s pretty simple.

  5. sk8erboi says:

    I think that Avril Lavigne made a good point when it comes to Britney Spears. Avril is a real artist and she is someone that I am proud to be a fan of, because I know that she isn’t going to turn out to be a slagged-up-tart like Britney Spears is.

    I don’t think that Avril is trying to make out like she is little miss princess, but she is most-definitely a good role model for kids.

  6. sk8erboi says:

    I don’t know how someone can like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears. Britney is most-definitely a poser, heck, she isn’t even a real artist! Her videos contain hooker-type material, wearing clothes that you would find the nice women at strip joints wearing! Britney needs to be a real role model to children and to stop acting like she is a slut. And oh yeah… maybe she should actually do something in her music, instead of groaning the same tired tunes.

  7. Smile says:

    Oh no. I’d rather kids look to Britney, then to someone who is rude and selfish. Britney never said anything to her and any other artist. She is the better person in this situation. Granted, Britney sometimes fake’s being nice, but at least she is being a hell of a lot nicer than Avril is.

  8. sk8erboi says:

    No. Avril Lavigne is being herself. You cannot try to put someone down because of the way that they dress. Britney sure does look like a girl, otherwise there would be no interest for her. Do you think that Britney is where she is because of her talents?? Obviously not! Avril Lavigne is where she is even though she isn’t dressed up like some dumb slut. I think it is great they she is being herself, no matter what anyone else thinks. That is the type of person that needs to be looked up to, and that is why I like her. She is not fake.

  9. Smile says:

    I’m not putting Avril down for her lyrics or her clothes or anything else. I don’t like her attitude. It’s as simple as that. I’m not going to sit here all day and try to get that through your head.

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