Avril Lavigne Does Her Own Hair And Makeup

Us Weekly has the details on Avril Lavigne’s hair and makeup secrets. The singer always does her own hair for photo shoots and performances. She says she simply blows it straight and then uses a flat iron. Avril also applies her own makeup while on tour, though a pro makeup artist handles the duty for photo shoots.

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Does Her Own Hair And Makeup

  1. Nicole Himes says:

    Avril is so awesome I had never heard of her until about 2 years ago now I am addicted to her music! Bye-Bye

  2. avril lavigne says:

    who cares if I do my own hair and makeup just because I have $$$$$$$$ it doesn’t mean that I have to have a hair styler

    p.s. pat Williams will you merry me Evan though I am married I would give it up for you.

  3. dana says:

    I think you rock I love the way you do your hair I listen to your music all the time !!!!!!!
    you rock!!!!

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