Avril Lavigne DVD To Debut On Big Screen

Billboard.com reports Avril Lavigne’s ‘My World’ DVD, due November 4th from Arista Records and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, will premiere the day prior with screenings at AMC Theaters in 24 U.S. cities. The artist will attend the premiere in New York, at the AMC Empire 25 Theatres in Times Square.

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Gone Wild’ About Generous Joe

October 22, 2003 – The New York Post reports considered pulling out of performing Saturday at the Lili Claire Foundation’s sixth annual benefit at the Beverly Hilton when she learned she needed to be back in Toronto first thing the next morning. But ‘Girls Gone Wild’ guru Joe Francis quickly offered Lavigne the use of his Gulfstream jet to fly her to Toronto immediately after the show, much to the appreciation of event organizers and the singer.

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6 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne DVD To Debut On Big Screen

  1. ash6969 says:

    Rock on, Avril! I can’t wait for the sk8er boi trailer to hit the big screen too!

  2. anti_avril says:

    Oh great not only do I have to listen to that poser try to sing music but know I’m going to hear her try to act oh happy joy!

  3. mel_melanie says:

    and who says you HAVE to listen to her? stupid ass. It’s funny how much you hate her so much but how you can take time to say “i have to listen to her and blah blah blah” when you don’t.

  4. popnicklover says:

    WHAT?!?!?!?! How the hell can Avril be special enough to have this happen to her?!?!?!?! Bet nobody will go and see it!

  5. mattychick says:

    Damn that rocks so much now only if I lived in there but that rocks so much I hope it’s not bleeped that much or that will suck so much.

  6. mel_melanie says:

    A LOT of people will see it wait and see you stupid Nick Carter lover HAHA!

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