Avril Lavigne & Evan Taubenfeld Insist They’re Just ‘Best Friends’

Us Weekly spoke with both and her guitarist Evan Taubenfeld on reports the pair are dating. They both insist they’re just “best friends.” Evan says, “She helps me get through life on the road, which can be tough.” Avril says, “He’s really got his head on his shoulders.”

Napanee Adopts Communications Plan

February 22, 2003 – Napanee Mayor David Remington tells Us Weekly that the town has instituted an Avril Lavigne communications plan to field scores of interview requests from reporters. “She’s brought Napanee on the world stage,” Remington said. “She always said she would be a rock star. She’s a role model for young people.”

Avril Lavigne Filming New Video In Manhattan

February 22, 2003 – The casting call for Avril Lavigne’s next video ‘Losing Grip’ was held in New York City earlier today. The video is shooting all day (10-12 hours) in Manhattan next week on February 25th and 26th (Tue/Wed).

Avril Lavigne Deals With Fame’s Down Side

February 22, 2003 – Avril Lavigne revealed to the Globe and Mail the downside of fame. The singer says people keep their distance in New York City and Los Angeles, but everywhere else, she’s constantly hounded. Avril moaned, “I’ll be sitting there eating, and they’ll say, ‘Can I take your picture?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m trying to eat here’.” She says even her home town of Napanee, interest in her is so high she prefers to stay home. “Because it’s too weird,” says the singer bluntly. “Because every single person I know will stop and say something… I knew what it would be like. I go out the odd time. [But] it’s too uncomfortable. When I go home the only reason I go home is to see my parents. So I just stay in.”

Avril Lavigne Named Napanee’s Citizen Of The Year

February 20, 2003 – Avril Lavigne’s parents Judy and John will be on hand on the evening of April 9, to accept the Napanee District Chamber of Commerce award as their Citizen of the Year on their daughter’s behalf. “I thought that was very nice that they were honoring Avril that way. I was quite pleased for her,” Judy tells Kingston This Week, adding that Avril was happy about the award when she found out about it last week. “It seems really kind of different because she’s so young – just 18, barely an adult. It’s really unusual… it’s her quick rise to fame and putting Napanee on the map.”

Peers Offer Opinions On Avril Lavigne

February 19, 2003 – Several fellow musicians and music insiders weighed in on Avril Lavigne to Sean Daly of the Toronto Star. host said, “People say there was a void in the market for the girl who wasn’t the Britney Spears-type quintessential pop idol. Avril is the bad girl, but not too bad. She’s not necessarily your Britney Spears-esque type pop personality. I think her lyrics are very mature and poised for her age as well.” The show’s judge added, “Avril is like the Female Frank Sinatra – ’cause she did it her way. Her way’ is to say that ‘I’m gonna do what I want to do no matter what kind of trouble I get into’.”

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    they need to be in love I bet that inside the fact Avril doesn’t love evan kills him. how could she marry derick she might as well just rip his heart out and leave him there to bleed.

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