Avril Lavigne Explains Her Rise To Fame

Sessions@AOL chatted with in a 8 1/2 minute audio interview. Avril talked about starting out singing folk and country music and local fairs. Then at the age of 12 she started writing music. Avril says nobody else in her family really had a big interest in playing musical instruments. Avril then headed to New York City to work with a producer, and then got checked out by an Arista producer when she was 16, where she was immediately signed. Avril talked about her tune ‘Mobile’, her decision to title the album ‘Let Go’, and how each relate to her life. Avril says she’s sang with Shania Twain when she was in the 9th grade before 25,000 concertgoers, and would work with her again.

Avril Lavigne’s Next Video To Be ‘I’m With You’

October 17, 2002 – Avril Lavigne’s e-team reports the 3rd single to be released from ‘Let Go’ will be ‘I’m With You.’ The e-team’s ‘4th Single Poll’ currently has ‘Losing Grip’ as a front-runner for the following release. The video for ‘I’m With You’ will be shot in early November, though still no details on where, as it is still in the planning stages.

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    Ome I love ur music I’m doing a Biography on you :D

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