Avril Lavigne Fan Dies In Car Crash After Meeting Her Idol

Avril Lavigne wearing heavy eyeshadow

An fan who was fortunate to meet and pose for a picture with the singer over the weekend along with her friends at La Catarina restaurant in Monterrey, Mexico, died a day later in a car accident in San Pedro. Garcia Sanchez, 19, drove her car into a power poll, and the poll landed parallel to her front seat.

A report from info7.com.mx about the story has since been removed.

Sharing Fun Facts During Stardoll Chat

October 16, 2007 – Avril is currently taking part in an online chat at Stardoll.com. Among her words of wisdom: “Powder sucks. It makes your face look dry. Moisturize before putting foundation on and your skin will look fresh. I love makeup.” Does the singer like Pizza? “I love pizza. I love green olives on my pizza. La Pizzeria in Napanee [Avril’s hometown] has the best pizza. If you go there they have my favorite pizza on the menu. And they have a fan book that gets sent to me every time it’s filled up. I keep them all.” But what about the panda bears? “I think Pandas are cute. But I think Koala bears are way cuter.” Read more.

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26 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Fan Dies In Car Crash After Meeting Her Idol

  1. Glen Edward says:

    It is true that Avril Lavigne died? I didn’t believe it. Can you explain it to me clearly? If she die already, why she didn’t broadcast to TV?

  2. popdirt says:

    This was a story about a fan’s death, not Avril’s. Re-read the title and story.

  3. ana isabel says:

    I can’t believe it..! omg! tell me the truth Avril Lavigne she is died or she’s alive? can you tell me what happen??

  4. cristiano says:

    hey is Avril Lavigne died

  5. grace says:

    Oh…. I love you so much… Avril you are the best…. idol…..

  6. grace says:

    Wow my Avril Lavigne is dead

  7. xenia says:

    I love you so much…and you’re still alive for me………that fu**ing news is not true…

  8. avie says:

    LOL… Avril is still alive….just listen to her new single “Alice” fa**ots….

  9. Ina says:


  10. Melanie says:

    Oh my gosh you guys…It clearly says “Avril Lavigne FAN Dies In Car Crash After Meeting Her Idol” her fan died a day after meeting Avril Lavigne..God Bless her..

  11. cess says:

    please kindly send through my email is that true Avril died? omg! I need to know the truth.. I am a fan of her.. Thanks guys I anticipate any response from you..

  12. cess says:

    I do believe Avril don’t die.. it’s her fan..

  13. cess says:

    she has new album the “Alice”

  14. popdirt says:

    the title says “Avril Lavigne FAN dies”. The story is pretty clear.

  15. enashhhh says:

    Dead…? Avril?? excuse me…she’s just release her new album…loser!

  16. popdirt says:

    Avril Lavigne FAN dies… still puzzled how many have been confused by the clearly written headline

  17. junalyn says:

    I can’t believe that Avril Lavigne is passes away huhhuh :-( no it;s not true I love Avril Lavigne I adore her so much can you explain?>..

  18. junalyn says:

    no it is impossible that Avril Lavigne died Avril Lavigne is always in my heart I even know it’s became complicated I really don’t know if what is true.,’

  19. tenglyn says:

    They just express that Avril is now dead because they don’t like Avril

  20. tenglyn says:

    but me love her so much

  21. charlyn says:

    . ha? is Avril Lavigne died? how true ?
    huhu :((

  22. Aimee n' jean says:

    Avril Lavigne is still alive ;)
    xoh .. ! don’t be confused !!
    we do believe that she’s doing fine with her life now !!
    We really want to hear some new songs from her :( ..
    we miss you so much ”
    AVRIL !!

  23. Dumb Fu**s says:

    You guys are idiots Avril Lavigne’s FAN died, duh dipsh**s
    Read the article before you go, “Avril Lavigne died! :'( Boo hoo” Shut the fu** up and read

  24. OMGAVRILDIED says:

    omg omg omg tell me what happened
    she is deed omg
    please say it
    omg this is so shocking!!!!!

  25. sisi says:

    OMG! Why can’t any of you read?! It says her FAN died, not her!!

    So shut up, she’s fine, stop whining.

  26. arianne says:

    I strongly believe that Avril is still alive. in fact, she has a new album “Alice”. don’t you there make any negative rumors about my idol.

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