Avril Lavigne: Fashion Icon

High school student Nathan Moore gave his thoughts on the popularity of and her effect on teen’s fashion for The Free Lance-Star. Moore writes, “Many young girls can now be seen walking the hallways with ties around their youthful necks. The spread of support for Avril, shown by wearing clothing similar to hers, has caused a great uproar within the punk community. They feel it’s wrong, because it has made what they are, and what they choose to wear, more corporate.” The full story at Fredericksburg.com has since been removed.

Avril Lavigne’s Flub Gets Her Loser Of The Week

January 13, 2003 – Justin Doom of azcentral.com gave his thoughts on Avril Lavigne’s flub in pronouncing music legend David Bowie’s name at the Grammy awards nomination announcements last week. Doom writes, “It’s hard to understand how her record label failed to tell her how to pronounce the music legend’s name, especially considering how it already told her exactly how to dress, exactly how to act, exactly what to wear, exactly what to sound like and exactly how to pretend to play the guitar.”

Dad Says Is A Tightwad

January 12, 2003 – is featured in the new Canada’s Macleans magazine, where further evidence of her frugal spending habits, despite signing a $1.9 million record deal with a publishing advance of $1.4 million. “She’s always been a saver,” explained mom Judy. “She’s a tightwad,” joked her father John. “A mini Scrooge. A while ago we went to a BMW place. I said, ‘You could get a convertible.’ I was just teasing her but she got so mad and told me, ‘Dad, I just want to get a used Jeep.'”

Avril Lavigne Has A Sandwich Price Limit

January 11, 2003 – Us Weekly asked several celebrities including Avril Lavigne if there was anything they are still cheap about. Avril responded, “I won’t even buy a sandwich if it’s six bucks. Six bucks is too much for a sandwich.”

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