Avril Lavigne Gets Punk’d

Contributed Anonymously: suffered the wrath of Ashton Kutcher on the latest edition of Punk’d, causing the spunky singer to burst out crying. After “accidentally” causing a car to explode by crashing into an electrical transformer, Avril was confronted by the irate vehicle owner played by one of Ashton’s croonies. When Ashton finally showed up to assure Avril that it was all fake, Avril broke down into tears.

Plots 21st Birthday Fun

August 5, 2005 – When Avril Lavigne turns 21 on 27th, the singer will be partying in Los Angeles and later Las Vegas. “I’m going to have a big bash in Los Angeles,” she said. “I’m not sure whether I’ll do a show or just have a huge party. The weekend after, I’m going to take all my friends to Las Vegas because I’ll be old enough to go in the casinos. It’s going to be awesome!” The story at Femalefirst.co.uk has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Gets Punk’d

  1. popstar says:

    She handled that well. I was expecting worse out of Avril, but maybe that’s because everytime I see her on video she’s drunk.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    that’s the closest she’ll ever get to being punk.

  3. itsmybigmouth says:

    Punkd, yep by finding out she was engaged to Derek Whyibley or whatever. now that’s a prank to pull on someone. he’s a little troll. ew so gross!

  4. MusicTodayBlows says:

    She was crying?? I thought she was supposed to be a big tough girl (rollingeyes)

  5. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne being, “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher is the closest thing that she will ever be when it comes to being Punk because she was never Punk/Rocker to begin with and neither was her music. I think that it is so sad that she is trying to deny being a Pop music artist who sings and writes Pop music because that is what she really is, and always have been ever since she came into the music industry back in 2002. The song, “Sk8er Boi” (off of her, “Let Go” album) doesn’t sound like Punk/Rock at all and neither does the rest of her music. She doesn’t have any musical talent when it comes to plying the guitar because she fakes her way on playing it by playing only a few chords on it. Wearing a pair of black Dickies pants, a pair of high top Converse sneakers, neck ties, skateboarding hoodies, vintage T-shirts, leather bracelets, and tank tops doesn’t mean that she is a Punk/Rocker either. I thought that it was funny when she cried after she got, “Punk’d” because that really shows that she isn’t so hardcore after all like she thinks she is. She needs to do the world a really favor and drop dead because I would consider her as one of the most biggest posers in the music industry and of this generation. Brody Dalle (former lead singer and lead guitarist from the band, “The Distillers”) is a lot more Punk/Rock than she ever be because Brody’s lyrics are a lot more Punk/Rock and Avril’s lyrics are a lot more like Pop. End of story.

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