Avril Lavigne Goofed On During Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern played a clip of covering the song ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down on his radio show this morning and said it was just horrible. This was prompted by a new website claiming the Canadian singer is the devil. Howard said she may have been goofing on it but it was still bad. Howard played the good version of the song to get over that awful performance. He said System of a Down’s song is really good and didn’t know why she’d even attempt to sing that song. Crazy Cabbie called in and went off on Lavigne for a couple of minutes and said he actually liked her album before he heard this song. Cabbie said he would hunt her down and carve her up like the deer he just shot and killed. He was kidding of course.

Aguilera & Lavigne Sweep AOL Music’s Top 11 Lists For 2002

December 18, 2002 – After a year of record-breaking Firsts – First Listens, First Views and Sessions@AOL – with artists ranging from to Paul McCartney, AOL’s first annual ‘Top 11’ lists reveal that for AOL members, and Christina Aguilera prove to be the top performers of the year. The ‘Top 11’ lists are part of a ‘Best of 2002’ package on AOL Music to recap the artists, songs and videos that music fans connected with the most on the Web.

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