Avril Lavigne Has Already Kissed A Girl

AvrilBr.tk reports that during an enterview in Germany on the TV show Viva Interaktiv, confessed having already kissed girl. A person in the audience said: “I’d love to know if she has ever kissed a girl”. Avril answered after a few laughs: “Yes.” And how was it? “Good.”

Wants To Work With The Darkness

May 9, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports says she would love to collaborate with The Darkness. “The Darkness are incredible and they are the one band in the world I would like to work with,” Lavigne said. “I just can’t stop singing their songs.”

Avril Lavigne On CNN Music Room

May 8, 2004 – AvrilBandaids.com reports that Avril Lavigne was featured on CNN International’s Music Room last night, discussing the new album, while following her and Evan around a record shop. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter also commented on a horror movie project she’s involved in.

Top 25 Under 25

May 8, 2004 – Teen People and MTV aired their Top 25 Under 25 special yesterday, and Avril Lavigne was in the top 5. Avril appeared saying “I’ll pick my nose. I’ll pick my ass. I don’t care.”

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2 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Has Already Kissed A Girl

  1. otownfreak11 says:

    I know some girls that that have kissed another girl…..and they are straight as a line….now a days I think if you kiss a girl doesn’t necessarily mean you are a lesbian…its 2004 not 1950…its no big deal.

  2. secretball555 says:

    PUBLICITY STUNT! She never kissed a girl, she wants to up her record sales. Plus I think she was kidding anyway. The way she said it sounded like a JOKE PEOPLE!

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