Avril Lavigne Has ‘Totally Lost Respect’ For Britney Spears

Star magazine caught up with for a Q&A and asked her to say something positive about pop rival Britney Spears. “I’ve totally lost respect for her, and I think a lot of people have,” Lavigne said. “She’s gone too far. Something positive that I can say about Britney? I think she’s probably a really strong person, because she’s had to go through a lot. Trust me, it’s extremely difficult to have people judging you.”

Auction For Private Lunch With

June 7, 2004 – Charitydreams is holding an eBay auction where the winner will have a private lunch and visit with Avril at a location to be determined, mutually agreed on by Avril and the winning bidder. Proceeds go to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The auction is currently bid at $4,055, with the auction ending June 14th.

MTV Goes Too Far Censoring ‘Pants’ In Avril Video

June 7, 2004 – Our previous poll asking if you agree with MTV, VH1 and FUSE’s decisions to censor “pants” from Avril Lavigne’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ video saw a huge majority say “No, this is censorship to the ridiculous extreme”, grabbing 77.2%, while 13.3% said “If Avril can say ‘pants’, the terrorists will win”, and only 9.5% said, “Yes, TV must be puritanical. God bless George Bush.”

Talks With Hot30

June 6, 2004 – Hot30’s countdown with The LabRat & Alexis recently caught up with Avril who phoned into Australia while in Tokyo. Avril talked about her visit to Australia, her online journal, passing the time while on tour, how a certain radio station in Boston portrayed her as a diva, and her free mall tour. The interview has since been removed from auspipe.com.

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9 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Has ‘Totally Lost Respect’ For Britney Spears

  1. coco says:


  2. Comics says:

    “Trust me, it’s extremely difficult to have people judging you” SHE JUST JUDGED BRITNEY, Avril is a true hypocrite. The real Avril always manages to shine through because its hard being someone else.(The no pics without make up rule,the mini-skirts,the mall tour.I don’t know many tomboys that are mall rats). AVRIL SUCKS and she will ALWAYS suck until she stops talking about others to make herself feel more important,and start being herself.

  3. JuniorGirl04 says:

    All the posters who keep saying things like “she’s always talking about Britney to make herself sound important” etc. should realize that SHE WAS ASKED SPECIFICALLY about Britney. She didn’t bring her up, she answered the question. If she hadn’t answered you’d be talking about how rude she is in interviews…same as y’all did with Justin back when his CD came out. If he answered the question he was a dog for talking about her, if he didn’t he was rude to the interviewer. You can’t have it both ways… BTW, I don’t even LIKE Avril, but on this one…I don’t fault her.

    I have…I read something a long time ago where she said that she didn’t know why everyone was always down on Britney. She said that although that wasn’t her type of music she had to admire her for chasing her dreams/surviving in the biz/being such a strong young lady. Or something like that, but that was before Britney lost her mind and went off the rails.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    “Trust me, it’s extremely difficult to have people judging you.” Well hey, we all get judged, we don’t need to have the media stalking us and have the whole world watching to know how it feels to be judged. But what I don’t really understand is why she keeps bringing Britney up? I don’t think it’s that people have lost respect for her, I think people have just been turned off or not as “shocked” or interested in her as much as they used to. But I think Avril should move on already. We understand that she don’t like Britney because of her image, many people don’t like it much either, but this is getting old. Britney shouldn’t be the only one to get criticism for dressing sexy, etc.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Oh my gawd, like totally? Who really cares what Avril has to say anyways lol. All she does is say the same crap all the time. Trust you? No body judges you Avril, they’re just speaking the truth.

  6. maypillow11 says:

    Oh god when the hell is Avril gonna get a LIFE?? How many times can she talk about Britney? She is probably having lesbian wet dreams about her and that’s why she is always on her mind. What is she talking about Britney “going too far”? Britney hasn’t been in the media very much at all!! She has been on tour, and their is hardly any buzz about her as of right now. No new shocking videos, photos, nothing. But she is till going after Britney even when she isn’t around. Why does she never mention Christina, Beyonce, jlo, Paris Hilton, etc? She is friends with the Hiltons and they are both KNOWN for being TRASH! Yet all she talks about is Britney. She is such a loser fake.

    No the truth is Avril has no talent and has a fake image and keeps talking about Britney, for attention because her lack of musical ability. So the only way she thinks she can make herself looks tough, is by lashing out at Britney Spears who she knows will never respond. Because Avril’s a wimp. All talk and no action. Just like with Hilary duff. She talked about her non stop to the press, but when she went to the kids choice awards she was standing RIGHT NEXT to Hilary, about 2 inches away…and Avril didn’t even look at her. She pretended like she couldn’t see her. Because she can talk to the media all she wants, but she will never confront any of her rivals.

  7. ko says:

    Even though Avril is a huge hypocrite, it is true what she said about Britney. Britney has no earned zero respect from musical legends and people who are actually musically inclined. A lot of people are getting turned off because she doing the same exact thing she did when she began. Her image has gotten worse and her voice is the worst in probably music history.

  8. maypillow11 says:

    BRITNEY relies on publicity too much? What do you think Avril is doing NOW? Constantly talking about Hilary Duff and Britney Spears to get publicity. Because she has no talent at all just like Britney, They both cannot sing, lie, are fake, and have no musical ability. Except Britney admits to not writing her own songs, where as Avril lies to make it seem like she does. And Avril is always trying to prove herself to be ‘real’ and ‘tough’ which proves how fake she really is. They are both gutter pop untalented trash, using the media to make up for what they lack in talent.

  9. secretball555 says:

    I know! Avril is just using Britney for publicity. Their are so many other girls in Hollywood who are way skankier than Britney, yet she keeps acting like Britney is the ONLY girl who is like that. Britney hasn’t been around in ages. I cannot even remember the last interview I saw her in. But Avril has this fascination with Britney. You are right. Its funny how she can slam Britney for being a hoe, yet hangs out with Nikki Hilton. LOL. The Hilton sisters are both walking STD’S. Avril needs to stop worrying her scrawny poser butt about what Britney is doing, and focus on learning how to sing, play guitar, and write songs.

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