Avril Lavigne Hates Being Labelled

Radio 1 reports is once again bemoaning those that label her punk. She fumed, “I always hate it when I get labelled punk or whatever, because I’m not and I never claimed to be punk. I always found it really hard when I came here that people would label me. I’m like ‘why are doing that because I’m a person?’. You can’t label people, give them one word and say ‘this is what you are’. I was a growing teenager, changing all the time.”

Avril Lavigne Gets Heckled At Mall Show In Seattle

May 1, 2004 – In Touch Weekly reports that when Avril took her free tour to Seattle’s Southcenter Mall, she was heckled. A crowd of kids wearing anti-Avril t-shirts pushed to the front and screamed for her to get off the stage. One of the bunch, sporting a green mohawk, said, “Fake, fake! you’re nothing but a poser!” Though Lavigne saw the hecklers, she stayed cool and finished the rest of her set to the remainder of the crowd’s delight.

Avril Lavigne Checks In From London

May 1, 2004 – Avril posted a message to fans on her official website Tuesday (April 27) from London. The singer writes, “Hi. I’m in London England. Yesterday I had a day off and went to the Tower of London, walked across the Tower Bridge, and walked around Kensington Palace. It was a beautiful, non rainy day in London. Now I’m back to the good old promo for the rest of the trip. Today so far I performed ‘Don’t Tell Me’ for a TV show and have been sitting in a hotel room for 2 hours doing TV interviews. I’m on a 20 minute break and then I’m off to a conference room to do a bunch of ‘Round Table’ interviews.”

Avril Lavigne Misses Fans After Gig

April 29, 2004 – The Sun reports that the guys from and went to see Avril play at the Monarch in Camden, north London. They stuck around afterwards hoping to meet the Canadian teen rocker backstage but were disappointed when she failed to show up.

Avril Lavigne Expresses Herself On ‘Under My Skin’

April 25, 2004 – Fourteen-year-old Angela Riccio of U-Daily News spoke with Avril and asked how her new album ‘Under My Skin’ is different from her debut ‘Let Go’. “‘Under My Skin’ is a more emotional album, and I got a better chance to express myself on this record,” she said. “I really like the way it turned out.” And Riccio says, “If you liked Lavigne’s last album, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Hates Being Labelled

  1. flowergirl223 says:

    Funny, she had no problem labeling herself a “rock chick” and a “skater”. And she cannot deny saying that because she said it on camera numerous times. And she has also said many times on camera that she was not a pop chick…only later to say that was WAS a pop artist. And the whole punk thing is getting old. That’s not the only reason why she is a hypocritical liar. Their are many other reasons why people call her fake. She seems to think that’s the only reason why when its not.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    “You can’t label people”? Okay? In every business you’re going to be labeled, regardless of how high or low your status is. And isn’t labeling people the same as someone saying “this is what you are.” That’s the point of being labeled, its for people to see that “this is what you are” (musically, not personally).

  3. Mady says:

    she is right American have no respect for others

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